Webinar: 4 Math Strategies to Dominate the GMAT

In this webinar, GMAT Coach and Founder of Dominate the GMAT, Brett Ethridge, will cover the four most important GMAT math strategies.

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Don't fear the Quant.

Strategy is one of the major differentiators between those who score well on the GMAT and those who don’t. It’s one thing to know how to solve GMAT math problems—it’s another thing to be able to solve the most difficult questions accurately and efficiently so that you get more right answers and don’t run out of time. In this webinar, we will cover the four most important GMAT math strategies to equip you to Dominate the GMAT.

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About Brett Ethridge
Coach & Founder, Dominate the GMAT

After graduating from Duke University with a degree in public policy, Brett served in the U.S. Peace Corps for two years and then worked in the corporate world before heading to business school where he earned a MA in International Finance from the University of Denver. He taught the GMAT for a "big name" GMAT prep company for six years while in business school, and founded Dominate the GMAT in 2010. He is a huge Duke basketball fan, an avid tennis player, and a budding CrossFit competitor. Brett is also a proud member of AIGAC, the Association of International Graduate Admissions consultants.


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May 21, 2014. 8:00 PM  -  9:00 PM

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