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Global Online Webinar:
What top employers are looking for

San Francisco - Pacific time
Global Online Webinar

**This webinar has already begun. To join, please click here.**

What top employers are looking for

Want to know which skills employers are looking for in business school graduates and why traditional MBA curricula are in need of a shake-up?

Join our webinar on October 22nd and hear Director of Research at Hult, Adam Carstens, outline how his research with over 90 top organizations shows traditional business school curricula are not adequately preparing graduates for the realities of today’s global workplace.

Find out how Hult has met the challenge set by employers by developing a groundbreaking new MBA curriculum that equips students with the soft skills and practical experience required for professional success. Topics to be discussed include:

  • How to be successful in today’s economy—the skills that top employers are looking for
  • Why business schools need to drastically change their approach to MBA education
  • How Hult has met this challenge by developing a groundbreaking MBA curriculum 

If you can't attend this time - you may find our second session at 5.00pm, San Francisco - Pacific time, more convenient

 5.00pm session

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