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Global Online Webinar

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Why the best global business leaders are focusing on social and environmental objectives to reach their economic targets

Corporate responsibility has moved from ‘nice to do’ to ‘must do.’ Increasingly, company leaders view behaving responsibly towards society and the environment as fundamental and integral to their business success. The more advanced see solving global issues as strategic opportunities for collaboration and innovation, creating competitive advantage and driving growth.

Join our webinar on December 12th and hear Hult Professor, Joanne Lawrence, discuss the role of business in society and how companies have the power to create both economic value and  lasting, positive social change. Professor Lawrence focuses on developing leaders who can ethically and effectively leverage resources to achieve both social and economic objectives.

Joanne Lawrence is a global professor in Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Innovation at Hult and is an academic advisor to the UN Global Compact LEAD Board Programme. With extensive international corporate and consulting experience, she has worked with many multinational companies, global organizations, and smaller, socially-focused enterprises and start-ups. 

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