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Experience new cultures, master new skills, and accelerate your studies with Hult’s Summer Programs and Leadership Development courses.

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Along with the choice of London, Boston or San Francisco, you'll also have the opportunity to get a glimpse of Chinese business up-close in Shanghai, study luxury marketing in Dubai, or strengthen your leadership skills at our Ashridge Estate in the U.K.
White building Dubai
White building Dubai

At Hult, we get to travel and study in some of the most exciting and business savvy cities in the world.

Bernardo Calderon

Class of 2016

Hult Shanghai Summer Program

For any aspiring business leader to truly understand China, you must experience Shanghai.

With over 1,200 financial institutions and 440 regional headquarters based here, Shanghai is Asia’s commercial center, and the birthplace of new trends and ideas. By spending a summer studying at our centrally located People’s Square campus, you’ll develop an invaluable insight into Chinese culture and business practices.
Collaborate with fellow student's at our Shanghai campus.
Collaborate with fellow student's at our Shanghai campus.

Hult Dubai Summer Program

From the impressive skyscrapers to the cultural traditions, you’ll be struck by Dubai’s dynamic mix of East and West. 

Our campus is located in the buzzing center of Dubai Internet City, home to the biggest names in digital technology. Hult’s Summer Program offers you the extraordinary opportunity to discover Arabic culture, immerse yourself in innovation, and deepen your understanding of doing business in the Middle East.
Hult Dubai Campus Interior
Hult Dubai Campus Interior

Ashridge Estate Leadership Development courses

Set in a vast country park less than an hour from London, you’ll experience incredible natural beauty and over 700 years of history at our Ashridge Estate.

Formerly the royal residence of Elizabeth I, Ashridge is now Hult’s campus for leadership and strategy training. As an undergraduate, you’ll benefit from a 50-year heritage of executive education - thousands of students and hundreds of companies have successfully honed their leadership skills at Ashridge.

Immerse yourself in the historic surroundings of Hult's Ashridge Estate.
Immerse yourself in the historic surroundings of Hult's Ashridge Estate.

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