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What Students Say about Hult Shanghai

Shanghai Insights at Hult

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“What could be more amazing than being surrounded by people with shared values, in a new environment, sharing a new culture, and taking on an exciting challenge? Knowing that we are all part of the great Hult adventure, there is an extraordinary atmosphere of collaboration and friendship, where students, faculty, and staff get to know each other quickly.”

— Damien Dandelot
Swiss, MBA 2013

Damien Hult Alumni
Stefanie Hult Alumni

“I chose Shanghai as my home campus because I was looking for a different experience, and I thought it indispensable for any business student to learn firsthand about the fast growth of the Chinese economy. During my time there I developed a clear understanding of Chinese culture and how people do business. I even managed to bargain in Mandarin!”

— Stefanie Isabel Berenguer Juan
Spanish, MIB 2013


“I chose the Shanghai campus because of the importance of the Chinese economy today. I wanted to see how it works in a direct manner. It was a really constructive experience.”

— Inmaculada Mora Duran
Spanish, MBA 2011

Immaculada Hult Alumni
Julien Hult Alumni

“In order to help us develop our professional network and understanding of business practices in China, Hult organizes lots of presentations, lectures, and networking events with professionals based in Shanghai. These events are of real value to our understanding of the Asian market.”

— Julien Gregis
French, MBA 2013


“Studying in Shanghai was an amazing experience for me as a business professional, and I will be able to leverage the knowledge I gained throughout my career. It was also fascinating to see firsthand how companies conduct business in China; you'd better start building relationships now if you're interested in doing business in the region!”

— Alexander Franklin
U.S., MBA 2010

Alex Franklin Hult Alumni
Nicola Allocca Hult Alumni

“Hult is a melting pot of different cultures, habits, and backgrounds, merging together in accordance with the dynamic and international spirit of the school. We lived in a completely different environment through educational and professional field trips all around China, in addition to the outstanding and numerous electives offered. The school organization, facilities and services were excellent. The Hult staff took care of us, creating the perfect atmosphere to maximize our learning experience.”

— Nicola Allocca
Italian, MBA 2010