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Paul Bon

Professor of Corporate Finance

PhD, University of Amsterdam; EMBA IMD, Switzerland

Paulus P.M. Bon is a Business professional who has over twenty years of experience in Senior Management positions at top ranked multinational companies. He worked for SONY (Electronics Industry-Japan), SCA (Forestry, Paper, Pulp and Industrial Packaging-Sweden) and Unilever (Specialty Chemicals- UK). He has served on numerous Boards around the world and is familiar with corporate cultures in the US, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America.  Paul is lecturing for MBA and EMBA Programs at NYU-Stern (Shanghai), Duke (Fuqua Business School) Shanghai, and City London-Bank of China (Corporate EMBA) as well as Shanghai University of Finance and Economics one of the best Universities on Economics and Finance in the region.  According to his wide experience there is no Strategy without a profound Financial basis i.e. all Strategies in business that operate for profit, should be based on a deep understanding of how to create Value for the owners of that business, how to measure Value and how to protect Value.