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What Students Say about Hult London

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“On campus I have encountered a wide range of students of different ages, programs, and levels of professional experience. I would say we are studying in a '3C atmosphere'; competitive, creative, and caring are the adjectives which define the atmosphere on the London campus.”

— Nicolae Florea
Romanian, Executive MBA 2014

Nicolae Florea Hult EMBA
Natalya Spicker Hult MBA

“During these last eight months [at Hult London], I have traveled the world via handshakes, awkward double, triple, (and sometimes) and quadruple kissing moments, home-cooked international meals, liquors of the world, and the pleasure of being able to learn business through unique experiences, mindsets, and upbringings.”

— Natalya Spicker
American-Colombian, MBA 2013


“Although my classmates and I haven't been at Hult for very long yet, everybody already feels like a big family. The senior staff supports us whenever we need their help. The professors are helpful and inspiring. The Hult House campus is probably the best campus in London right now, and offers everything you need to feel comfortable while studying.”

— Philipp Haferkamp
German, MIB 2013

Edgar Vilchez Hult MBA

“London is one of the few cities in the world that is truly global. As you walk through the streets, you will easily hear more than a dozen languages, and meet a broad range of interesting people. I think that is reflected at Hult's London campus as it offers all of the Hult programs. Completing the MBA in London exposed me to a wide range of people, including undergrads, Master of Finance students, etc. who contributed widely to both the social and educational value of my degree.”

— Edgar Vilchez
American-Venezuelan, MBA 2013


“The London campus is very bright, clean and open. The atmosphere is positive with a lot of good energy. The campus is always busy with students from all programs. The classrooms are a good size, plus the set-up makes it easy to see all of your classmates.”

— Jennifer Robins
Canadian, MBA 2013

Jennifer Robins Hult MBA

“I have had wonderful experiences in London itself (sightseeing, art, and nightlife) and the city has given me so many opportunities to broaden my network, socially, and professionally.”

— Jenni Bianchi
Italian, MFIN 2013