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Ian Dougal

Global Dean; Undergraduate

PhD, University of Birmingham

Dr. Ian Dougal earned his undergraduate degree from Swansea University, his Masters degree from the University of Southern Mississippi, and his PhD (in International Relations) from the University of Birmingham. His research is focused on the role of the United States in the world order. He joined Hult in 2000, as a professor of International Relations, teaching classes in Diplomacy & Negotiation, International Security, and American Foreign Policy. Dr. Dougal was appointed Dean of the London campus in 2007, and from this post has overseen the development of both undergraduate and master's programs. In August 2011 Dr. Dougal took on the role of  Dean of Programs and was responsible for global curriculum and policy, and the maintenance of academic quality across all Hult's campuses.  In October 2013, Dr. Dougal left his position as Dean of Programs to take on his current post of Global Dean, Undergraduate.
(Full Time)