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Professor of Management

PhD, Henley Business School

Dr. Georgiades received his PhD in Management from Henley Business School and holds a B.A. in Accounting and Economics from the University of Reading

His principal research interests lie in the field of change management and organizational psychology.  His PhD research he investigated, from the management point of view, the impact that an acquisition had on the employees of a newly formed Insurance Company and the way management aimed to achieve a sound organisational environment via the provision of information to employees and their subsequent appreciation of that information.

His future research plans are develop the Framework of Issues he has created and to extend his work to explore in more detail how communication and power structures operate in the period of uncertainty before an acquisition is complete. In addition, he would like to add to his existing research by conducting a comparative study to understand whether acquisitions involving different types of organisation result in particular patterns of employee behaviour.

Apart from his academic experience, Dr. Georgiades has been involved in various projects in different types of industries.  His professional experience allowed him to get a more practical understanding of how business organizations function and how they formulate strategies to tackle their everyday challenges.

Dr. Georgiades has taught various subjects such as Strategy, Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Research Methods and supervised MBA students to conduct independent research and.  Dr. Georgiades currently teaches Introduction to Business and Business Ethics.
(Full Time)