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Professor of Leadership and Management

Charlie Sheppard is Founder and President of Sheppard Partners, LLC., a company on the forefront of next-generation behavioral assessment technologies. Sheppard Partners is an organizational development consulting company that focuses its efforts on helping organizations create high performance cultures. He brings experience in organizational development specializing in the assessment, design, and delivery of development programs with an emphasis strategic alignment, leadership development, team development, and negotiation skills.  By developing innovative technologies and delivering creative solutions, Sheppard Partners is an active partner in the selection process, the creation of effective teams, and in ongoing organizational development. Charlie coordinates the activities of Sheppard Partners consultants and serves the firm in as the lead developer of assessment technologies and courseware.

Charlie Sheppard is also the founder and CEO of The KnoNow™ system is a specific technological solution to deliver a blended learning environment for any program. We have developed breakthroughs in technologies and electronic performance support systems to change not only how people engage in learning but also to integrate the most effective practices from both formal and informal learning. KnoNow™ creates a post-seminar learning community to pull through the key insights and behaviors of any program. a software as a service that pioneering a new method to catalyze online learning. Charlie started from scratch and built a system to create an online learning community that effectively transfers knowledge from one person to another. 

Charlie has created another company on the forefront of mobile learning.  MyAha is a software platform that creates enterprise mobile applications as easily as creating an electric document. Having the right training solution in your mobile phone builds efficacy for any training. MyAha allows you to create a combination of images, video, audio, text, and questions to optimize your educational offerings.

As an Organizational Development consultant, Charlie has created and implemented a number of unique programs.  Charlie specializes in facilitating long-term organizational development for corporate executives.  His background in corporate sales, management, and start-up ventures gives him a profound depth of understanding and application in his consulting and speaking.  Charlie has been integrating leadership and negotiation skills within corporations at the senior level for the past 28 years.  His specialized work in negotiations with unions and management has produced breakthrough results for both parties.  He has focused on designing innovative methods of accelerated learning and the use of transformational technologies. His clients include companies such as Restoration Hardware, Seattle Genetics, Adobe, Yahoo, Allergan Merrill Lynch, Genentech, PPDI, Morgan Keegan, JP Financial, GSK, Logitech, Goldcorp, Roche and Novartis.

Throughout his career he has been consistently exploring patterns of excellence in human behavior. Charlie makes his home in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife Renee and their two children Ethan and Nicole.
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