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Professor of Leadership and Management

Charlie Sheppard is the founder and managing partner of Sheppard Partners, a company on the forefront of unleashing the full potential of people and teams through superior training and consulting methodologies. His consulting company provides advise to International organizations like Roche, Goldcorp, Yahoo and Allergan. He is an internationally recognized leader in executive and team development with a focus on applying cutting edge neuroscience to the field of human development. His courses and trainings have been delivered all around the world. He is a highly engaging speaker and is in constant demand for his "Leadership is a Choice®” and his “Eliminating Drama” keynotes. He is the author of the popular book Save Your Drama For Your Mama and Essential Tasks to Negotiation Excellence.

He is the founder and CEO of KnoNow, a pioneering e-Learning and social network platform. Built from the ground up to take advantage of how people learn in groups and social networks this online tool accelerates both learning and measurement of the transfer of knowledge in an organization. KnoNow is leading the way using technology to deliver the promise of KaaS [Knowledge as a Service]. KnoNow unlocks the wisdom of any group of people that wants to deepen their knowledge of any subject.

Charlie is also a Professor of Leadership and Management for Hult International Business School. He teaches 600 students from 98 countries studying for a Masters of Business Administration, a Masters of Intentional Marketing, a Masters of International Business and a Masters of Social Entrepreneurship. He is known for creating transformational and experiential learning environments.