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Things Move Faster in Dubai

Join the land of collaboration at our business school in Dubai.

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About Dubai

The speed of change

The speed of the transformation of Dubai from desert outpost to major international trade center is staggering. 20 years ago, the main road through Dubai was mostly sand. Now, it’s a multi-lane highway surrounded by one of the world’s most spectacular cityscapes. The city is a living testament to human endeavor.

The business scene

Today, Dubai is at the center of many key industries including: banking and financial services, consulting, construction, and communications. Its strategic location and pro-business policies make it an attractive base for corporates in most sectors, and many of the world’s biggest organizations now have branches or headquarters here. Our Dubai campus puts you right in the center of one of the world’s busiest international trading hubs, and hosts some of the regions most prestigious speakers.

 Business in Dubai

Land of collaboration

Dubai and the UAE have managed to achieve so much in such a short space of time through strong partnerships and effective collaboration. This is very much reflected the businesses mindset here: let’s get together with the people we need to get the job done. Unique opportunities can arise this way, making it an intriguing place to study business. Life on our Dubai campus reflects the city’s identity as meeting place of cultures, all looking to achieve big things together.

All roads lead to Dubai

A time zone bridge between Europe and the Far East on the one hand, and the CIS and Africa on the other, Dubai is strategically placed to bring together markets spanning a massive geographical area. Described as “the gateway to the Middle East” by the West, Dubai is actually the gateway to a great many regions, depending on who is coming through the gate. It has well-established trading links with the Gulf, Middle East, Eastern Mediterranean, CIS, Central Asia, Africa and the Asian sub-continent. The enormous and ever-growing market of India is it’s number one trading partner.

Think big, act fast

A result of the incredible achievement of Dubai is the attitude of “anything is possible”. The city has witnessed change to its environment on a scale unimaginable to most, and created a new world in the space of a few decades. There is no such word as "can’t" in this city. It’s an exhilarating atmosphere to do business in, and an inspiring place to attend business school.

Diversity city

Dubai’s role as meeting point for the world has created an incredibly ethnically diverse, multicultural city with around 80% of the population being ex-patriots. The distinctive Arabian culture of the UAE is maintained while the values of the many other communities that call Dubai home are respected. It’s an inclusive, tolerant society founded on mutual respect. The diversity of its inhabitants is evident in the city’s wide choice of cuisine and entertainment. Students at our Dubai campus are never short of things to do and see.