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Campus Career Facts

U.S. experience, international career

The accepted international standard, attending business school in the U.S. and gaining firsthand American business experience, puts you in a strong position for a career both in the U.S. and internationally. 63% of our Boston graduates go on to have careers in regions different to their country of origin.

Who’s hiring?

Industries that are strong in Boston are engineering, finance, accounting, healthcare, biotech, and IT. The top employers in the region operate in these sectors. Employers of graduates from Hult Boston include Deloitte, Morgan Stanely, Glaxo Smith Kline, Cisco, and Visa.

Companies alumni work for 

We'll introduce you

You can work with our Career Services and Corporate Relations teams to leverage our strong relationships with Fortune 500 companies and leading organizations, and achieve your specific career goals. Boston is one of the academic hubs of the world, so there are many networking events and career fairs held at all the local universities and colleges that you use to build relationships and make career connections.  

Action Projects  Career Services

Work experience and internships

You’ll work directly with local and multinational companies in Boston as part of your academic program, collaborating with a team to develop a solution to a real challenge their business is currently facing. You’ll then present that solution directly to the executives of that organization. These Action Projects and Impact Challenges underpin our curriculum, giving you the most relevant business education available. You can also apply for internships in Boston if you’re looking to gain extra work experience but places are limited and it’s highly competitive.