Helping organizations around the world improve their leadership talent, strategic thinking, and organizational culture.

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The globally relevant executive education experience

As the face of global business changes, organizations around the world turn to Ashridge for practical learning to help them improve their leadership talent, strategic thinking, and organizational culture.

We help our clients succeed by addressing issues like:

  • 'We do not have the leadership talent to execute our strategy'
  • 'Our team is not working well together to respond to a massively changing market and new competitive threats'
  • 'We are struggling to lead an organization which is now becoming increasingly international'

Why we're different

We are different because we are:


  • We focus on your goals
  • We develop practical learning specifically for your organization and individuals
  • Our faculty have both significant academic and business experience


  • Your participants will develop their expertise and skills
  • Our passion for experiential learning embeds the new skills for immediate application in your organization
  • We don’t teach – we enable practical learning


  • We work wherever you are
  • We work with more than 800 companies from over 60 countries
  • Our 7 campuses ensure our international faculty have experience across the globe


  • In all that we do, we make it easy for you to work with us
  • Whether your program runs at Ashridge House or elsewhere in the world, you and your participants will experience our ethos of partnership, service excellence, and hospitality
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Programs & services

Detailed information about our programs and services, including curriculum and case studies.

  • Custom Programs: executive education for groups in your organization with content tailored to your specific needs
  • Organizational Change Consulting: engagements with leaders, teams, and whole enterprises to enable them to transform your organization
  • Coaching: engagements with executives or small groups of executives who need support working on a key individual or organizational issue

  • Open Programs: executive education for individuals in your organization with the added benefit of learning from individuals from other organizations
  • Specialized Qualification Programs: programs that lead to degrees in areas such as organizational change, sustainability, and coaching
  • Virtual Ashridge: executive education for your entire organization available through online research and tools
  • Research: Our research is focused on the current and future issues facing business leaders.