Tsheli Lujabe

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Qualifications & Institution
MA, Clinical Psychology, University of Cape Town

Tsheli is a faculty member at Ashridge. She is an experienced practitioner in leadership and organisational development and transformation/change management; she also has experience of working as a coach. She is interested in Gestalt methods of intervention and this is one of the influences of her consulting and intervention style. Her work has focused on working with teams in organisations and one-on-one, to assist people in managing the tensions, dilemmas and complexity that exist between their individual identity, their role and the organisational dynamics. Tsheli adopts a practical approach, with an emphasis on the relational aspects of leadership and organisational development and change, as well as an approach that leverages on the strengths of individuals.

Tsheli's varied career started as a Clinical Psychologist in Cape Town, South Africa working for an NGO. In addition, she has over 13 years' experience in working in the private and non-profit sectors including health, financial services, electrical utility, mining and retail.