Trudi West

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Qualifications & Institution
MSc, Occupational Psychology, University of Hertfordshire

Trudi works with organisations, teams and individual leaders to help them develop what it takes to thrive, and work out what might be getting in their way. She regularly challenges people to ask why they do what they do and develops their capability to test their own assumptions about the opportunities and challenges they face, particularly when working under pressure, or when they think no one is looking. As a member of Faculty at Ashridge, she has a keen interest in how people develop their own learning and experience, and is particularly focused on what drives effectiveness through testing, learning, and then action. She facilitates this through the design and delivery of programmes underpinned by her experience, insights and research, working globally across a range of industries and sectors including Finance, Oil & Gas, Technology, Sport, Government, Retail, Education and the Third Sector

Her research includes the leadership and team outcomes from the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race and from this, developed the ‘Winning Behaviours’ framework of alignment, capability and autonomy. She has also researched the concept of Risk by exploring how leaders actually think about and work with risk, both formally and informally.

Before refocusing her career in Occupational Psychology, Trudi worked in the City of London as a Financial Futures broker, as well as for the NHS. She maintains an approach that is pragmatic, relevant and rooted in rigor.