Samineh Shaheem

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In addition to her role as Dean of Hult's London Postgraduate Programs, Dr. Samineh I. Shaheem is a Professor of Organizational Behaviour and Leadership, as well as Neuroleadership Coach. Her research interests are in the area of identity transformation, sojourn cultural transition, such as expatriates and global leaders, their acculturation process and repatriation concerns. For the last 20 years, Learning and Development has been the main focus of Dr Shaheem’s career, in a deep and deliberate manner, through the application of psychological and adult educational principles and practices. She believes, ‘Learning more, results in living more.’

She began lecturing in 1998 and has a successful track record in the design, development and delivery of blended, culturally relevant, innovative behavioural courses and business/leadership training programs for both private and public organisations. Has a theoretical and practical understanding of employee’s psychological needs, specifically interested in Emotional and Cultural Intelligence, highlighting areas needing improvement and creatively arriving at growth solutions. She eagerly shares her experience, knowledge and skills with associates and students to develop their core competencies and enhance performance for long-term benefits.

Every project holds significance and an opportunity to grow and develop however one that has had quite a positive impact on the community is Dr Shaheem’s Bolt Down on Bullying campaign started in 2010 in the UAE where she set out to confront and prevent bullying in schools, homes and workplaces. She’s a weekly columnist for Khaleej Times, contributor to The Huffington Post and a wide range of other print and on-line publications as well as regular co-host on Dubai Eye, a talk radio station.