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PhD, Environmental Psychology: Behaviour Change & Sustainability, University of Hertfordshire

Nadine is a Research Lead for the Transforming Behaviour research challenge and is responsible for leading the development and delivery of research focused on behaviour change. Nadine has studied behaviour change in a variety of contexts including health, transport and education. Her research interests are in the areas of psychology and change from both an individual and organisational perspective. Nadine is particularly interested in the association between psychological constructs and organisational behaviour, and the influence of habit and personal flexibility in facilitating and resisting behaviour change. Nadine teaches research methods to faculty and students and supervises MBA research projects in the area of behaviour change.

Nadine’s specialism is in quantitative research design, survey construction, and advanced statistics. She has significant experience in designing research experiments and behaviour change interventions. Nadine has an honours degree in Psychology, a Master’s degree in Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology, and a PhD in Behaviour Change (Psychology). Nadine’s thesis was focused on the influence of habits in thinking, feeling, and behaviour on environmentally sustainable lifestyles.

Nadine has presented and published papers in the areas of psychology, sustainability, and change. She is an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society (BPS) and the Director of Research for