Margaret Gearty

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Margaret is academic director of the Ashridge Masters in Sustainability and Responsibility, faculty for the Ashridge doctorate in organizational change and fellow of the Ashridge Centre for Action Research. An experienced action researcher, Margaret has worked on the design and delivery of several large-scale action research projects that take a systemic view of issues such as food, energy and sustainability. She combines these macro interests with an on-going exploration of action research as a craft and the micro-practices and skills involved in practicing it.

Margaret's particular interests lie in how stories, in different forms, can interweave with participative action research to support change and learning between and across organisations and communities. Margaret completed her PhD in 2009 at the University of Bath as part of the Lowcarbonworks action research program. In it she focussed on how the action research approach of learning history might be developed to track and stimulate low carbon innovation across local government organisations in the UK. She has gone on to work on a range of related action research and evaluation projects with communities, third sector organisations and local authorities that include the Carnegie Trust, NESTA, Swindon borough council and Pepsico.

Most recently she co-led on a three-year cross-community action research program for DEFRA's pro-environmental behaviour change unit and co-authored the final report. She combines her research practice with occasional academic writing and teaching for institutions including Cambridge University, the University of Bath and Ashridge.