Evangelos Markopoulos

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Professor Dr. Eng. Evangelos Markopoulos is an expert, entrepreneur and scholar on Process and Project Management, Enterprise Engineering, Knowledge Management and Innovation & Entrepreneurship. He holds a BA on Computer Science, an MSc on Computer Science with concentration in Artificial Intelligence, and an PhD on ICT Project and Investments Management from the University of Piraeus (Greece). 

As a Computer Scientist he worked mainly in the USA and at ΙΒΜ, at Siemens and at Bell Laboratories of AT&T. In his Academic career he taught (Mathematics, Computer Science and Business Management) under all academic roles and worked as a Research Fellow in research & development programs and initiatives, in Universities and Technical Institutions in the US, UK, Finland and Greece. He has 80+ publications in international journals and conferences.   As an innovative entrepreneur and businessman later, he established and managed the EMPROSS Group of companies from: EMPROSS Strategic IT Consultants, Athens, Greece (Project Management), Sparthink Technologies, San Francisco (Innovation and Apps Development, SmartGATE, Cairo Egypt (Enterprise Engineering), and Sophia147+, London, UK (Knowledge and Innovation Management).  He invested and developed a number of technologies, patents and innovations in Process & Project Management & Engineering, turning them into applicable products and services. 

Dr. Markopoulos is excellent on bridging the industry and academia with practical research and industrial opportunities, projects and initiatives. He brings in class the integration of his academic and industry experience, works closely with the students offering academic and industry opportunities (internships, competitions, challenges), coaching and mentoring that successfully and effectively impact their knowledge, careers and future. His teaching is based on the Applied Philosophy concept he created by integrating in class the thinking and reasoning of major philosophers (Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Voltaire, Descartes, Kant, Confucius, etc), through which he achieves high student achievements, satisfaction, engagement and retainment.