Billy Desmond

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Qualifications & Institution
MBA, University of Westminster

Billy believes that while all individuals have an ability to respond to change, he understands that in organisations change occurs in relationship to others and/or our environment, not in isolation to oneself. This means that in working with clients he encourages his clients to explore the continuum of 'intimate i.e. interpersonal' and strategic ways of relating from which an increased awareness of the individual/team's 'way of being' is achieved. Billy is particularly valued and trusted by clients in being able to co-create insightful conversations between individuals and teams while providing uniquely designed frameworks to drive strategic decisions and implement change within the organisation's strategic context.

Billy gained much of his strategy development and organisational change and development expertise from FTSE 100 plc's in the UK, Europe and the USA in sectors such as retail, telecommunications, manufacturing, design and more recently in the FCO and NHS.