Andrew Wright

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Qualifications & Institution
MSc, Sociology, London School of Economics and Political Science

Andrew Wright has been teaching at Hult since 2003. He specializes in international political economy, development, and the political economy of war. Andrew studied philosophy, then economic history and international politics (at York University) and sociology (at the London School of Economics); since then Andrew has taught at both British and American universities, including the School of African and Oriental Studies and Birkbeck College (University of London), the University of Notre Dame in London, and London Metropolitan University.

Andrew returned to academic life as a mature student, after a decade of work in local government administration. His publications include a conference paper on 'Anthony Giddens and the Historical Sociology of War and Modernity' presented at the British International Studies Association; a paper on 'Capitalism States and Accounting' published in the journal Critical Perspectives in Accounting, and several contributions to the recently published Encyclopedia of International Political Economy.

Andrew is a member of the British International Studies association, and was a founding editor of the journal, Historical Materialism. His primary research interests and current project concerns the relationship between war and the world market economy. He is also working on a critical survey of approaches to the relationship between war, politics and society.