Andrew Day

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Andrew Day is a Business Director at Ashridge. He has wide experience of working with organisations in telecommunications, manufacturing, and energy, and in the public sector - including HMRC and the NHS - and in the charitable sector. His projects have included: development of cross-boundary relationships with a London Mental Health Trust; helping to improve collaboration and understanding in a multiple organisation alliance in the automotive industry; and executive coaching and leadership development with executives and senior managers in private and public sector organisations.

Before joining Ashridge, he worked as an internal organisation development consultant for Ford Motor Company.

Andrew is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist, and has gained an MSc and a Doctorate in Occupational Psychology. Andrew holds the British Psychological Society's Level A and B Certificates in Psychological Assessment, and a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy. He has also completed the Tavistock Institute's programme in Advanced Organisational Consultancy.

Andrew is also an Ashridge accredited coach.