Andrew Campbell

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Qualifications & Institution
MBA, Harvard Business School

Andrew Campbell has been a Director of the Ashridge Strategic Management Centre since it was formed in 1987 to research issues concerned with the management of multi-business companies. Andrew directs research projects, runs management programmes and advises client companies. He is programme director of Advanced Organisation Design and Designing Operating Models. Previously, Andrew developed and led three of Ashridge's strategy programmes: Group Level Strategy, Strategic Decisions and Strategy & Finance. Andrew also has a blog on the topic of operating models at:

Before joining Ashridge, Andrew was a Fellow of the Centre for Business Strategy at London Business School. Before that, he spent six years with McKinsey & Co in Los Angeles and London. 

Andrew has authored ten books based on his research, including the Strategy for the Corporate Level (2014) and Operating Model Canvas (2017), and has also published ten articles in the Harvard Business Review and numerous pieces in other journals and publications.