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The world's first MBA program designed by business leaders

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Who is this program for?

Candidates with three or more years of work experience who want to become global business leaders.

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  • September

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  • 1 year

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MBA Program Overview

Business leaders agree–the traditional MBA is lacking

In 2012, Hult Labs partnered with some of the world’s largest employers to conduct a comprehensive study on the effectiveness of today’s standard MBA curriculum. The results of one hundred interviews with leading CEOs and employers were nearly unanimous: standard MBA programs are good at teaching business theory, but fail to prepare graduates adequately in two critical areas: interpersonal “soft” skills and practical business experience. We have rebuilt our MBA curriculum to address these two problems.

MBA programs will always need to teach the theories behind finance, marketing, and operations. But without also addressing key interpersonal skills such as the ability to communicate clearly and resolve conflicts, the actual impact an MBA graduate can make in the real world is limited. Employers seek to hire graduates who have firsthand experience dealing with complexity and ambiguity in today’s business world, who can function in this uncertainty, and who can make sound decisions under pressure. At Hult, we believe these competencies can be learned and improved through practice and constructive feedback and that real-world application must be an essential component of any MBA curriculum.

Teaching soft skills in a tangible way

Employers are looking to hire MBA graduates that have both hard and soft skills. Our groundbreaking new curriculum ensures that every Hult MBA student understands not only the basics of business, but also how to articulate their ideas clearly, build strong relationships, and actually make things happen. Hult has created the first-ever MBA curriculum to ensure that every graduate of the program has the five key competencies necessary to get the job done in the real world.

Five key competencies every Hult MBA graduate will master

Hult has developed a distinct Professional Development model for teaching soft skills across five key competencies. These skills were identified by top employers as essential to business success:

Key competencies Area Description
1. Adaptive thinking Professional mindset The ability to perform under complex and rapidly changing conditions
2. Communication
3. Relationships
Interpersonal influence The ability to build trust and lead others
4. Teamwork
5. Execution
Results through teamwork

The ability to achieve results when working in collaboration with others


Fully integrating soft skills into the curriculum

Hult’s curriculum provides you with the theory, tools, terminology, and trends for a solid understanding of business. However, what makes the Hult MBA unique is the addition of the Professional Development track, based on corporate leadership programs developed by the world's top companies. This track focuses on developing your ability to harness and apply business knowledge with a finesse often labeled as “soft skills.” Hult MBA students develop these competencies throughout the program in multiple iterations of training sessions and team exercises, reinforced by peer coaching, feedback, and personal planning and facilitated by a “Navigator.” By mastering these five key competencies, Hult MBAs graduate from the program as savvy, mission-driven, globally aware leaders who can produce results in collaboration with others.

A truly transformative education

The Hult MBA is designed to be a transformative educational experience, one where you not only develop professionally but also personally. At the beginning of the year, all Hult MBAs are evaluated relative to the five key competencies. Throughout the program, you are regularly assessed so that you can see your progress. Our goal is for you to emerge from your MBA program as an inspired and truly effective leader.