Global Rotation

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Learn how to deploy innovative global business solutions to large-scale social issues from San Francisco and London. No matter which campus you choose for your home campus or where you take your electives during the Master of Social Entrepreneurship, you graduate with a U.S.-accredited degree.

Advantages of Hult's Global Rotation

Seamless Experience

Our Global Rotation is fully integrated into our curriculum. Unlike other business schools that offer exchange programs with other schools, Hult prides itself on being the full provider of the Global Rotation. This structure gives us complete control over the curriculum and ensures that each Hult student receives the finest education as well as a dynamic international experience.

Expand your network

The Career Services and Student Services teams ensure that you have plenty of chances to network with professionals and peers alike. You can build a network of experienced industry contacts while fostering relationships with students from every corner of the globe. No other school offers access to a network as globally diverse as Hult's.

Learn in a global setting

By learning international business in a global setting, you’ll be able to put complex issues into context and gain new market insights. Study in San Francisco and London and gain a new perspective of how social enterprises are created, engage with complex global issues at a local level and examine international business and politics up close. Nothing can replace the experience of getting an on-the-ground understanding of what is happening in different parts of the world.

A life-changing opportunity to study in San Francisco and London

  • San Francisco Rotation highlights

    • Visit to Napa Valley to investigate the economics of the wine industry and running a vineyard
    • Company visits to IBM, Cisco, Intel, and Stanford Persuasion Lab
    • Startupism forum for entrepreneurs and wannabe entrepreneurs
    • Tech trek in Silicon Valley from Palo Alto to Mountain View
    • San Francisco Giants baseball game at 3M Stadium
    • Featured guests from Fortune 500 companies (like Microsoft, Gensler, and Wells Fargo Bank) sharing their insights and employment experiences in working for their companies

  • London Rotation highlights

    • Guest Speaker Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP Group (in conjunction with AMBA)
    • Guest Speaker Andrew Witney, CIO Barclays
    • Dominican Republic Ambassador speaking on campus
    • Simon Cohen, Founder and CEO of Global Tolerance
    • The Apprentice event to build branding, manufacturing, buying, advertising, design, promotion, and selling skills
    • Excursions to York, Edinburgh, Wales, Windsor, Hampton Court, and Royal Ascot
    • Queen’s Jubilee afternoon tea and 2012 London Summer Olympics celebrations
    • Health and wellness week on campus

Global Rotation Details

1 Optional rotation for students take place during Module D and/or Module E, depending on their degree program.  Campus options for each degree are announced during the summer; applicable modules depend on degree enrollment and will be announced after the school year begins.
2 You must decide if you would like to participate during elective course registration, which happens in Module B.
3 The Global Rotation option is included in your program fees, however additional costs may be incurred. Airfare, visas, and accommodation are not included in program fee.
4 Student Services provides resources for travel, accommodation, and visa arrangements during your rotation.
5 In order to participate in the rotation, you must be in good academic standing and enrolled in a Rotation-eligible degree program.
6 Global Rotation is subject to each campus’s capacity. Students begin registration placed at their home campus and may opt into spaces at rotation campuses on a first-come, first-served basis as they become available.
7 You may choose to graduate from your home campus or from the campus to which you will rotate during Module E.