MIB Program in Shanghai


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Shanghai is your gateway to international business

At Hult, your education will take you beyond the classroom experience. You will have the opportunity to be immersed in different lifestyles, cultures, and business techniques in one of the world’s leading economic and cultural centers. Choosing to pursue your Master in International Business at Hult’s Shanghai campus will connect you with opportunities to jump-start your international career in China’s largest urban city.

With more than 23 million residents, Shanghai is one of the world’s largest cities and China’s most cosmopolitan metropolis. It’s a place of breathtaking transformations where towering skyscrapers spring up next to ancient streets and architecture and sophisticated boutiques emerge out of open-air markets. During your Master in Shanghai, you will learn traditional hard skills in finance, marketing, and operations, along with the soft skills essential for making decisions in a rapidly evolving, cross-cultural world. Hult Shanghai puts you at the center of the region's business community and gives you first hand insight into the fastest growing economy.

Experience international business in Asia’s cultural and economic center

Hult's Master of International Business combines practical skills and cultural understanding to enable you to thrive in today’s global business world. Studying in Shanghai will give you exposure to the Far East’s superpower and the opportunity to learn directly about the dynamics of its vibrant economy. Hult has close connections to global and local headhunting firms, offering students a distinct career advantage. Our Shanghai campus hosts a range of events from career open houses and company visits, to Hult’s Visionary Speaker Series, which draws a remarkable array of presenters. You'll meet senior executives from global companies such as Unilever, Porsche, Marriot, and B&Q, many of whom regularly attend our events.

Hult Shanghai is offering free accommodation for 8 months.

To learn more about the free accommodation offer, visit our Shanghai Accommodation page.

  • Mario Yanez, Jr. is the Profressor of Information Management at Hult International Business School. For over 5 years, he has also been a full-time faculty member of the Computer Information Systems Department at the University of Miami. Prior to his academic career, he was an information systems and technology senior manager and consultant in the private sector. His areas of expertise include Management Information Systems, Project Management of Information Technology, and Management of Technology. 

    Mario Yanez
    Professor of Information Technology
    PhD, PMP University of Miami

  • “The global connections continue once you leave Hult. I receive texts and emails on a daily basis from classmates from around the world. Not only was my class an incredibly diverse group of individuals they all have moved on to great opportunities all over the world. I am kept up to date about current events, and feel more connected to foreign affairs because I may know someone that is involved.”

    -Christine Hagerman
    Canada, MIB 2010

  • “In order to be able to touch many lives, one needs to be skilled, confident and most importantly, be in the right place, at the right time and with the right people. Skills, confidence, place, time and people…you get them all at Hult. Now the job will be simple, just connect the dots.”

    -Ram Narayanan
    India, MIB 2013

On the Map

Hult’s People’s Square campus is located in the heart of the city’s commercial, financial, retail, and social scene. Shanghai’s most famous shopping street, Nanjing Road, and the extraordinary Shanghai Museum, are within easy walking distance. Our school won first place in an architectural interior design competition for its state-of-the-art classrooms, computer laboratories, and student lounges.

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