Masters Degree

All Masters Degree Programs

All Masters Degree Programs

Hult’s pioneering approach to a practical, hands-on business education has made our Master degree programs very attractive to students who want to become global business leaders. From Action Projects that teach you how to apply your Master degree knowledge in a real-world setting to opportunities to network with high profile business executives, and a Project Management specialization, all of Hult’s Master degrees prepare you to be ready for the career of your dreams. Whether you choose to pursue a Master of Finance, Master of International Business, Master of International Marketing, or Master of Social Entrepreneurship, we make sure you graduate with the skills and experience most valued by employers, putting you ahead of the competition.

All of Hult’s Master degrees are full time, one-year programs, offering you the chance to study in up to three of our six global locations. You’ll get an inside look at the world’s fastest-growing economies and examine international business practices up-close.

Masters degree - Master of International Business

Master of International Business

Launch your career directly after undergraduate studies with a one-year, intensive Master of International Business.

Masters Degree - Master of Finance

Master of Finance

Hult’s Master of Finance is a highly relevant and rigorous education for those passionate about quantitative business.

Master Degree - Master of International Marketing

Master of International Marketing

Master the fundamentals of branding, product development and social media on a global stage.

Masters Degree - Master of Social Entrepreneurship

Master of Social Entrepreneurship

A highly practical program focused on how to apply business skills to important global social problems.