The Curriculum

A part-time MBA designed for professionals who seek to enhance their credentials and knowledge while gaining an international perspective.

Student Testimony

"I've seen a lot of people working through part-time MBAs online over the past 3 or 4 years, but I wanted to attend class. Hult Dubai gave me the opportunity to attend class, interact with people, and learn from other people's experiences. I really wanted an MBA course that I could start and finish in two years."

Zenobia Mehta
Class of 2011

Part-time MBA for working professionals

Our part-time MBA, or Executive MBA, is designed for working professionals. Offering scheduling, duration, location, and financing flexibility to cater to your individual needs and enable you to continue working as you earn your MBA.

Monthly Schedule

Our part-time MBA program is delivered monthly over two years, perfect for professionals looking for minimal disruption to their working life. Our monthly format offers classes taught over a four-day long weekend. This typically covers a course per month and is ideal for those who routinely need to travel for business, have commitments during the week, or live abroad.

Class Attendance

All courses are taught face-to-face by our world-class faculty on one of our campuses located across the globe. If you are unable to attend a class, we work with you to find a solution to make up the course. We try to distribute our part-time MBA program between campuses, allowing some students to fly to a different campus to attend a missed class or complete a course the year after.

Flexible Financing

A part-time MBA is a significant investment in time and money, and your professional situation may change during your studies. Understanding this, we offer students installment plans for program fees in payments. If you lose your job during the course of the program, we can allow you to suspend your studies and program fee payments. We work with each student to figure out the most realistic and affordable way to earn your degree through our part-time MBA program.

Complete Your Studies in Two to Five Years

On average, Executive MBA students graduate in two years. However, some students may need to take longer to complete their part-time degree, in which case they have up to five years to finish their program.

Study around the world

Take advantage of our Global Rotation options and take advantage of this opportunity to live and study in the world’s most influential markets. Start by selecting your home campus in London, Dubai, or Shanghai then choose to rotate to another Executive MBA campus for four-day electives. It's an invaluable way to experience global business firsthand and expand your international network while earning your degree.

Executive MBA schedule: four days per month

London/Shanghai: Friday to Monday
Dubai: Thursday to Sunday