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Bachelor of Business Administration Study Tours


Gain international experience

Discover a new country while studying and up to six earning credits toward your bachelor degree. Study tours give you the opportunity to take advantage of the school’s global network and complement your studies with firsthand business experience in one of the world’s major economic centers. Study Tours are offered to students in their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th years and during both of the two summer terms.

Dubai Study Tour

Bachelor students on the study tour to Dubai learn about doing business in the Middle East and study the Arabic language. Students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Arabic culture through a guided visit to the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding, which includes discussions about Islamic culture and business etiquette, followed by a traditional Arabic dinner. From visiting the Burj Khalifa and one of Dubai’s many beaches to going on a desert safari or shopping at the souks, students have the opportunity to experience all this dynamic city has to offer.

Shanghai Study Tour

Students on the Shanghai Study Tour benefit from learning international business in a global setting and seeing how the business knowledge and theory they learned in class plays out in the real world, with a Chinese context. Students adapt to living in a new culture, from learning how to navigate a new city and trying cuisines from all different parts of Asia, to visiting Chinese cultural venues and exploring exciting Shanghai nightlife. Students will also be immersed in Chinese culture and language and witness firsthand the contrast between East and West.

Miami Study Tour

Bachelor students will enjoy the postcard-perfect city of Miami, Florida, on the U.S.’s Atlantic coast. Because of the city’s proximity to Latin America, Miami serves as the headquarters of Latin American operations for thousands of multinational corporations, including Fed Ex, AIG, Disney, Cisco, Microsoft, Yahoo, Oracle, Wal-Mart, and Visa. Nicknamed the “Capital of Latin America,” Miami has a distinct Latin flavor with Spanish, Caribbean, and Cuban neighborhoods contributing to the diverse and vibrant culture.

Global Rotation

Hult offers students the opportunity to see the world during their studies. The bachelor program is based in both London and San Francisco, and students can rotate each year between the two campuses, or any combination. During the Global Rotation, you’ll get an inside look at the world’s fastest-growing economies and examine international business practices up close.