Rotations and Study Tours

Discover a new country while studying and earning credits toward your Bachelor degree.
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Student Testimony

“What I find interesting about Chinese culture is the way Shanghai is growing and expanding due to the economic changes, and how it can be seen in the changes in the skyline.”

Ashling Galligan


Rotations and Study Tours

Only business school with full undergraduate programs in both the U.S. and U.K.

This means you could spend four years in San Francisco, or four years in London, or any combination between the two. Through Hult's Global Rotation, every academic year you have the choice to study on either campus. This unique capability allows you to explore life on both continents, expand your personal network, and seek employment from a wider array of potential employers. Nothing can replace the experience of getting an on-the-ground understanding of what is happening in different parts of the world, international business cannot just be taught in the classroom.

Participate in an undergraduate study tour at one of Hult’s international campuses

Add even more global context to your business studies. Discover a new country while studying and earning up to six credits toward your Bachelor degree. The six-week study tours give you the opportunity to take advantage of the school’s global campus network and complement your studies with firsthand knowledge about life and business in one of the world’s major economic centers. Hult’s program of classes is complemented with an exciting range of activities, distinguished speakers, company visits, and excursions during your study tour. At least one Hult professor will accompany students to deliver course content, providing a more seamless academic experience during the study tour.

Dubai Study Tour

Bachelor students can travel to Hult Dubai to take classes on local themes, ranging from language and culture to economics and commerce, offering students a unique insight into the Middle East. The trip allows students to explore this multicultural hub, a city which is the gateway to the Middle East and home to both professionals and corporations from around the world. Study highlights of the trip included Arabic lessons and classes on doing business in the Middle East and Islamic finance. Other top highlights included a desert safari, indoor skiing, a sky dive over Palm Island, and an exclusive yacht cruise.

Shanghai Study Tour

China’s ascendancy as a global superpower centers on Shanghai, for international business, new trends, and groundbreaking ideas. Last year, Hult undergraduates traveled to Shanghai to study Chinese culture and language at Hult Shanghai, experiencing this rapidly expanding and evolving market firsthand and witnessing the contrast between East and West. Students on the Shanghai Study Tour benefited from learning international business in a global setting and seeing how the business knowledge and theory they learned in class plays out in the real world, with a Chinese context.

Miami Study Tour

Bachelor students will enjoy the postcard-perfect city of Miami, Florida, on the U.S.’s Atlantic coast. Because of the city’s proximity to Latin America, Miami serves as the headquarters of Latin American operations for thousands of multinational corporations, including Fed Ex, AIG, Disney, Cisco, Microsoft, Yahoo, Oracle, Wal-Mart, and Visa. Nicknamed the “Capital of Latin America,” Miami has a distinct Latin flavor with Spanish, Caribbean, and Cuban neighborhoods contributing to the diverse and vibrant culture.