The Curriculum

Each student will declare a concentration to study during years three and four.

Concentration Courses*

  • Project Management
  • Managing Human Resources
  • Operations Management
  • Leadership
  • Information Systems
  • Change Management

1Curriculum, courses, sequencing, and program requirements are subject to change.


All successful business graduates will sooner or later manage both people and budgets. If they are good managers, their businesses, and their careers, will prosper.

Build skills to manage processes and people

Building on Hult’s 40-year tradition of educating managers and consultants, the management concentration calls upon students to address timeless questions, and to consider them in their 21st-century context. Project Management, Operations Management, and Information Systems courses develop students’ functional knowledge of effective management tools and how best to deploy them. Other courses such as Managing Human Resources, Leadership, and Change Management draw upon behavioral concepts of effective people management. A constant theme throughout the concentration is managing in a globalized, cross- cultural environment.

21st-century managers

The 21st-century demands business leaders who can think big and act big. Students will learn to see an enterprise as a whole, but also to understand the linkages between its different working parts. Additionally, students will develop their managerial soft skills: how to use motivation and persuasion to create a successful team built of people from different countries.

Gain a concrete understanding of:

  • The management tools that can be deployed to run the various functions of a company
  • The critical importance of efficient and effective project management in any professional setting
  • The techniques that can be deployed to manage businesses of different sizes through periods of growth, contraction, or restructuring
  • The presentation and advocacy skills essential to succeed as a manager and leader in management