Advanced Programs

For students who achieve outstanding results, the following programs are available to accelerate your studies and position for a promising career.

Student Testimony

“I chose the Honor’s Track program because I wanted the biggest challenge from my courses. Each Honors course required more time and commitment, but they were the most enriching educational experiences I’ve had so far. Plus, because I could take a few more courses each year, I finished my Bachelor degree in 3 years and enrolled in Hult’s Master of Finance program – so I’m getting both a Bachelor and Master degree in four years!”

Oliver Ramirez
Class of 2011

Honors Program

The Honors Program at Hult is designed to serve our most academically talented students. It offers the most rigorous academic challenge while allowing them to complete their 120-credit degree in less time.

What is it and how does it work?

Students who achieve outstanding results in their first year of study (cumulative GPA of 3.50 or higher) are invited to join Hult’s Honors Program. They can join any time from the beginning of Year Two up until the start of their final year, provided they continue to meet the GPA requirement. Honors Program students must take at least three courses during their degree that are designated “Honors,” where they receive extra discussion sessions with the professor and other Honors students. In their final year, all Honors Program students enroll in the Honors Project Seminar. Under the guidance of the Honors Advisor, they research and write a polished Honors Project on a topic of their choice in their concentration.

What are the benefits?

  • Earlier completion of the degree program: Students are automatically allowed to take up to one additional course per term.
  • Dedicated advisors: Students have a dedicated Honors Advisor who oversees the Honors Project research and writing.
  • Extra sessions with professors: Students receive extra tutorial sessions with professors in Honors-designated courses, giving them more in-depth discussion beyond class time.
  • Top preparation for graduate school: Students graduate from the Honors Program with the highest recognition and a solid research paper that can be used to help gain entry to the most prestigious graduate programs.
  • Many Honors students choose the combined degree program and achieve their BBA and Master degree at Hult in four years.