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Gain access to international MBA students to help you grow.
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Gain access to international MBA students to help you grow

Unleash the power of international student teams to help you tackle your most difficult challenge — GROWTH! Gain access to Hult Action Projects, offering 5,000 consultancy hours from competing international student teams. Supervised by world-leading consultants, diverse student teams bring a range of experience to your most challenging problems.

  • HIGH IMPACT—Get a diverse portfolio of bankable new growth options for your company around both existing and new offerings, channels, markets, businesses and business models.
  • LOW BURDEN for your organization.
  • LEARN a proven approach for developing growth platforms and breakthrough business concepts that has evolved from our work as innovation practice leaders at Arthur D. Little, the Monitor Group and the IXL Center.

Hult’s innovative curriculum is based on three components, “Learn, Experience, Action Project”—LEAP. Hult’s faculty have real-world experience we empower students to develop real-world skills by completing a six-week Action Project consulting for a leading company or non-profit like Samsung, IBM, Nike, or One Laptop per Child. This reinforces our mission to prepare job-ready graduates who can deliver results from day one.

The Hult Action Project

Applying classroom learning to a real business, the Hult Action Project, gives students and corporates a powerful platform from which to develop strategic thinking about innovation and growth.


We place students in small teams and assign each team to a leading business or company to help solve a real business problem.


Each team is presented with a challenge and works intimately with a senior executive, in charge of the company's growth and development.

Action Project Mentors

Gain Exposure

Over six weeks, teams work with an executive mentor and Hult's world-class consultants to devise a comprehensive business plan.


At the end, the teams present their findings to an executive group within the company who then chose the winning team offering the best solution.

Action Project Examples

  • Strengthening the online route to market

    The online retail spend worldwide is growing rapidly. A major consumer goods company asked Hult students to develop business models to drive their customers to buy more products more frequently from their website or through web-based markets such as eBay or Amazon. Selling directly to customers will allow the company to gain better insights about end-users of their products and better understand their buying behavior. The business models will need to achieve these goals without alienating the client’s core route to market, which relies heavily on channel partners who sell through both retail outlets and their own online stores. Hult students reported their findings to the senior executive team.

  • A big opportunity in big data

    Each new generation of intelligent and connected consumer electronics devices—from toasters to toothbrushes—promises more convenient, more interesting, and more effective experiences. Hult students were asked for insights on how a global electronics company could go beyond these new experiences to completely new business models. Examining trends in cloud computing, “big data” analytics, and mobile payments produced new concepts for partnering with insurance companies, entertainment brands, and auto manufacturers to create and capture new value. The teams presented to the company’s R&D Director.

  • Future of food and fuel production

    Food and fuel are necessities. So when a client wants to find new ways to grow their business by USD150 million in three to five years, Hult students were challenged to find new areas for growth. Teams toured the company’s food production plants and spoke with staff for key insights into the organization and its assets in order to bring their innovative business concepts into an implementable business plan. Teams presented 25 new and exciting growth opportunities that combine the basic human needs and multiple trends in technology and food markets to the Head of Strategic Planning.

  • Product bundling and customer acquisition

    A leading insurance company in China was looking to develop and adopt a new strategy to accelerate growth. The key growth drivers include broader consumer penetration, expansion into new segments, and improved share of wallet through cross-selling and bundling. Hult student teams generated business concepts by integrating ideas around new business models, new value propositions, new capability development, new distribution channels, and new customer experiences. Their findings were presented to the senior executive team of the company.

  • Testing the limits of the cloud

    Over the past five years, global organizations have realized that executing on opportunities in the cloud is no longer a choice. The General Manager of Global Strategy of a major technology company came to Hult for help in identifying and developing new innovative business concepts with an annual revenue potential greater than USD1 billion by year three. The aim of any new concepts or platforms would have to leverage mobile and multiple application layers and have a clear road map for global expansion. The ideas generated were presented to the company’s leadership team.