Reach for the Sky in Shanghai

Join the changing economic landscape at our business school in Shanghai.

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Programs Offered*

*Programs offered on Hult’s Shanghai campus are not available for Chinese nationals. We encourage Chinese nationals to apply to Hult’s other campuses in Boston, San Francisco, London, and Dubai.

Campus Career Facts

Chinese experience, international career

70% of our students that graduate from Hult Shanghai go on to have careers outside of China. International employers place high value on candidates who have firsthand knowledge and experience of Chinese culture, business practices, and economy. An understanding of the intricacies of this pivotal market gives you a competitive advantage on the global stage.

We’ll introduce you

You can work with our Career Services and Corporate Relations teams to leverage our strong relationships with Fortune 500 companies and leading organizations. For Hult Shanghai’s class of 2013, we served 247 MBA and Masters candidates, helping them find jobs in 43 countries. The Career Services team in Shanghai brings both local market and international insights, with an average of 20 years of professional and advisory experience, including an average of 8 years of experience in China and the Asian region.

Action Projects  Career Services

Who’s hiring

The top hiring industries for Hult Shanghai’s class of 2013 were consulting, consumer products, financial and professional services. The top hiring functional areas were finance and accounting, general management, marketing and sales. Employers of graduates from Hult Shanghai include BCG Germany, Deloitte Luxembourg, Accenture Thailand, Apple UK, IXL Consulting Turkey, KPMG China, and Adidas China.

Companies where Shanghai alumni work 

Work experience and internships

You’ll work directly with local and multinational companies in Shanghai as part of your academic program, collaborating with a team to develop a solution to a real challenge their business is currently facing. You’ll then present that solution directly to the executives of that organization. These Action Projects and Impact Challenges underpin our curriculum, giving you the most relevant business education available.

Businesses in Shanghai are very open to taking on interns so if you want to gain extra work experience, you can do so easily. Life on the Shanghai campus, which welcomed more than 120 corporate visitors last year, provides you with an immersive international experience in a hotbed of global business talent.

Stand out from the crowd

Examples from previous student projects include looking at the future of logistics with, the world’s largest online B2B trading platform for small businesses. Students reported to the Director of Payments and Logistics for small-order global trading and presented their solution to a panel of judges. Other groups have worked at Fortune 500 conglomerates, including Johnson Controls Inc. where they presented their ideas to the board. Work experience on this level is a standout entry on your resume and differentiates your experience at Hult from other, more research-based institutions.