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Join the start-up revolution at our business school in San Francisco.

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Campus Career Facts

U.S. experience, international career

The accepted international standard, attending business school in the U.S. and gaining firsthand American business experience, puts you in a strong position for a career both in the U.S. and around the world. 66% of Hult San Francisco graduates go on to find work in a region different to the one they came from, with many choosing to say in the Bay Area.

Who’s hiring?

Graduates from Hult San Francisco currently hold full-time jobs at companies such as Google, Wells Fargo, Airbnb, Kaiser Permanente, Deloitte, Tesla, and Facebook. Many are also working at the Bay Area’s lesser known companies and start-ups, gaining valuable experience on the ground floor and making a major impact at a growing business.

San Francisco employers of Hult Grads 

Personalized support

Our Career Advisors bring years of career consulting experience to the campus. They provide one-on-one coaching to all students, as well as workshops, resources, and support throughout the year to help you choose your career path, maximize your personal brand, and explore your opportunities.

We'll introduce you

You can work with our Career Services and Corporate Relations teams to leverage our strong relationships with Fortune 500 companies and leading organizations, and achieve your specific career goals. San Francisco is home to the headquarters of so many of the world’s major tech, social media and retail brands, and the bounty of networking events and conferences will help you build relationships and make career connections. 

Action Projects  Career Services

Hands-on work experience

You’ll work directly with local and multinational companies in San Francisco as part of your academic program, collaborating with a team to develop a solution to a real challenge their business is currently facing. You’ll then present that solution directly to the executives of that organization. These Action Projects and Impact Challenges underpin our curriculum, giving you the most relevant business education available.