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What our students have to say

“I can say with confidence that at Hult I have had the most amazing experience that I could have ever have asked for. I've made great friends and I've been to amazing places, concerts, boat parties, fantastic restaurants, memorable theaters and operas, and out-of-this-world nightclubs. I've tried all sorts of different foods, learned random foreign words and costumes, and even when I was experiencing culture shock I was happy.”

— Viviane Boavista Menna Barreto
Brazilian, BBA 2015

Viviane Boa Vista Hult Undergrad
Celine Jenson Hult Alumni

“London is a great place to study today as it is a major business and financial center, and especially as my concentration is in marketing. There are so many opportunities both career-wise and culturally here because there is always something going on.”

— Celine N. Jensen
Norwegian, BBA 2014


“London offers a multicultural, student-friendly environment. It's the perfect global city for today's 21st century world... Thanks to all the events, guest speakers, conferences, and clubs on offer at Hult, I have developed participatory skills. I have also built up my leadership skills, as I'm currently a member of the Hult Student Association.”

— Akshay Subramaniam
Indian, BBA 2015

Akshay Hult Alumni
Denisa Simonicova Hult Alumni

“London is a city full of opportunities in every field of life and work. It has so much to offer and a great variety of places to visit, from crazy Camden Town to cute Covent Garden; from historic monuments to modern art like the TATE Gallery, and there are so many sporting and musical events happening too. London opens doors not only socially, but also in terms of business. There are countless business opportunities in every sphere.”

— Denisa Simonicova
Slovakian, BBA 2015


“The city of London has always interested me because I wanted to attend an American school in Europe and study business management in an international environment that offers lots of opportunities... When I saw Hult's Bachelor program, I knew that it would help put me on the right path for the future. Coupled with its location, it was a pretty easy to decide where I wanted to go.”

— Haysam Barakat Chami
Nigerian-Lebanese, BBA 2013

Haysam Chami Hult Alumni
Melina Da Silva Hult Alumni

“London is where the areas of study that I like were first created and discussed; economics and politics. These fields have always been lively in London, so you can learn just by wandering around. The cultural options available in London are just unbelievable, and in addition it is the world's most international city... I've learned so much about different cultures in such a short period of time; it really opens your eyes to how diverse and wonderful the world is.”

— Melina Assumpção Lemos da Silva
Brazilian, BBA 2016


“London has lots of parks and libraries, wherever I go, I can easily find a library to borrow a book and a park to sit on a bench and read, so I find it an inspiring place to live as a student. Hult offers many activities outside of the classroom: I am in the Hult official football team right now. When my team won the football tournament, we were amazed because we really did not expect to win all matches as we did!”

— Young Min Park
South Korean, BBA 2014

Young Min Park Hult Alumni