Bachelor Degree in London

The world lives in London.

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Career Facts for Bachelor Students

U.K. experience, international career

Having firsthand experience of the U.K. whilst earning your U.S.-accredited degree puts you in a good position for a career anywhere in the world. The majority of our Bachelor students go on to work or study in a region different than the one they came from. 

Who’s hiring?

The top industries that our Bachelor students went into last year were: advertising, marketing and PR, finance and accounting, and education. Top employers of recent graduates include Shell, Citi Group, Nielsen, Verizon, and Mindshare.

London Bachelor Hult Campus 

Even further education

A large number of our undergraduate students go on to postgraduate education, completing Master degrees in the following sectors: marketing, business, finance, economics, management, and social policy. We offer combined degree programs for exceptional students, giving you the opportunity to earn a Bachelor and Master degree in four years. 

Personalized support

Our Career Services and Corporate Relations teams will work closely with you help you achieve your specific career goals. You’ll receive one-to-one advice and support on creating your resume and portfolio, as well as workshops to help practice and improve your interview and presentation skills. You'll also be able to leverage our strong relationships with Fortune 500 companies and leading organizations to network and expand your career opportunities.

Career Service for BBA students  Career Services in London at Hult

Work experience

You’ll work directly with local and multinational companies in London as part of your academic program, collaborating with a team to develop a solution to a real challenge their business is currently facing. You’ll then present that solution directly to the executives of that organization. These Impact Challenges underpin our curriculum, giving you the most relevant business education available.