Bachelor Degree in London

The world lives in London.

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About London

A world of opportunity 

The financial center of Europe, economic stronghold, and host to the world’s biggest organizations – London is at the beating heart of global business. A long-time leader in the creative industries, London’s growing reputation on the tech and start-up scene is opening up even more opportunities. It’s the perfect environment for you to earn a Bachelor degree in business and launch your international career. Chances for you to take your first steps in to finance, economics, politics, marketing and entrepreneurship, are all around you. Our London campus puts you in the center of it all.

The choice is yours

London offers choice on a massive scale. Career, cuisine, and culture – everything is available to you. Finding it is the fun part, you never know what you’ll discover while you’re looking for something else. People who have lived in London their whole lives talk about the surprise and delight of finding things they never knew existed. As the saying goes “If you are bored of London, you are bored of life.”

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Define international

Officially the most international city in world, London is home to people from more than 270 different countries with residents speaking 300 languages between them. Add to that studying at Hult, the world’s most international business school, and you define international. Life on our London campus celebrates this diversity. It doesn’t matter where you come from, you’ll be at home here.

Europe on your doorstep

From London, you can explore the rest of Europe quickly and easily with most destinations no more than a two-hour plane ride away and many accessible by train. This is great for traveling and experiencing many different countries, but it’s also ideal for gaining international work experience as you study for your Bachelor degree.

Cutting-edge culture 

British music, art, and fashion sets trends all over world. With so much of it being created and shared in London, it’s exciting to be a part of cutting-edge culture. This creative atmosphere makes for great entertainment, day and night, and can add inspiration to your study and work.

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Student central

The student community in London is huge, diverse, and international. There are nearly half a million students studying at the city’s 40 plus universities, with students all mixing in the same areas and hanging out together. Bringing great social opportunities, it also means you can network and collaborate with talented individuals from many different disciplines.