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What Students Say about Hult Dubai

Hult Dubai

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“We have the most diverse body of students at Hult Dubai. It is amazing to see the energy and variety of ideas everyone brings into the classroom. It feels like a family here at Hult. We also have so much fun off-campus. My number one Hult moment has been celebrating Nigerian Independence Day with my cohort at a local club-it was a real bonding moment. The Desert Safari was also an amazing event that I hope to have a chance to repeat soon.”

— Rennee Silva
, MBA 2013

Rennee Silva Hult MBA
Ludmilla Figueiredo Hult Exectuvie MBA

“No matter where we students are from, we know how to respect each other, work hard, and have tons of fun together. From the first group assignment in Dubai in International Marketing drawing on the walls, eating popcorn and Arabic sweets in our Global Management class, to hanging out with over 20 people and going go-karting, bowling, for dinner and more.”

— Ludmilla Figueiredo
Brazilian, Executive MBA 2014


“The new Dubai campus atmosphere is very modern and active. You always feel energetic when you arrive onto the campus, as there is a buzz of enthusiasm around. The atmosphere in the class is very warm, exciting, but challenging at the same time. The multitude of experiences from different courses are united by one common thread—every interaction with classmates pushes your thought process out of the box.”

— Muhammad Shahir Ejaz
Pakistani, Executive MBA 2013

Muhammad Shahir Hult EMBA
Wassim Israwi Hult Executive MBA

“Home is the first word that comes to mind when I think back to Hult's atmosphere. Campus was for us a place to study, meet with classmates, chat with faculty, and relax after a day's work and before classes started. The fact that the campus is open 24/7 made it easy for us to return whenever we wanted. It was a place where friendships could be formed among classmates as we sat and chatted before starting the evening classes.”

— Wassim Israwi
Lebanese-Canadian, Executive MBA 2011


“Professional networks and relationships are particularly important in the Middle East, and the network you create while studying here at Hult Dubai is definitely one of its greatest benefits.”

— Catherine Kao
American-Taiwanese, MIB 2012

Cathrine Kao Hult MBA
Guillaume Carnaille Hult MIB

“Hult allowed me to study in two of the most exciting cities in the world: Dubai and Shanghai. Rotating has been a key advantage in my job search and key to building my network.”

— Guillaume Carnaille
French, MIB 2011