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“The most memorable moments for me at Hult (Boston) were when I was cooking or sharing food with my friends. There were at least 15 of us all cooking our national foods. We were singing, dancing, telling stories, and discussing the differences between our home countries... When I realized that people from such different cultural backgrounds from different parts of the world could get along so well together and could become long term friends, I was amazingly touched.”

— Sasivimol Phetnamsin
Thai, MIB 2012

Sasivimol Hult Alumni
James Whittaker Hult Alumni

“The Boston campus is an inspiring atmosphere of learning where individuals and small groups meet up throughout the day and night to discuss case studies and class-related assignments as well as their own aspirations and ambitions for the future.”

— James Whittaker
Australian, MBA 2013


“Hult to me is not just where I got my MBA – it’s where I met so many international friends, discovered international cuisine, met the love of my life and was supported so much when I missed my family and my home.  I am working on Natura's ALP project. It is AWESOME! A real business problem with real-time feedback. Natura is one of the companies that I would like to work with and in the ALP I have learned how to apply all the knowledge acquired in the last year!”

— Mariana Espinosa
Mexican, MBA 2011

Maria Espinosa Hult Alumni
Juan Hult Alumni

“The skills I gained at Hult Boston have helped me to deliver better results whilst working with international and cross-functional teams. With this new business knowledge I can understand the overall strategy of a company, its direction and its goals, and better support its business objectives”

— Pablo Torres
Colombian, MBA 2011


“Hult is a place full of diversity. As an American, I was the minority, we were just seven within a class of 160, and I was the only student from the Boston area. The classrooms were full of discussions about business across the globe, not just case studies but real world experiences from the many different international students. It was a mind-opening experience to be able to get such a worldwide view of business in one classroom.”

— Sean K. K. Eliseev
American, MFIN 2012

Nelson Ardila Guevara Hult Alumni

“The best part of the Hult 'life experience' was the chance to socialize with different people from diverse cultures from all over the world. I also got a job at Johnson & Johnson through a campus recruitment program in Boston.”

— Nelson Eduardo Ardila Guevara
Colombian, MBA 2011