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The Hult experience lasts beyond your one year on campus. After you graduate, the Hult Alumni Association provides you with continual support through a series of initiatives designed to boost your career.

Hult Connect app FAQ

Hult Connect is an iPhone/iPad & Android app designed to access the Hult alumni database. Locate alumni through its worldwide map and connect with your former classmates. Follow school announcements, reunions, social gatherings, and executive speaker events using this innovative app. Download the Hult Connect for iPad/iPhone or Android and get access to the worldwide directory with 6,500 alumni.

Where can I download Hult Connect app?

Simply go onto the App Store by clicking this link for iPads or iPhones. For android devices, please visit here.

Do I have to pay to install the app?

No, the app is completely free to install and to use.

Is this another social media network?

Absolutely not. Hult Connect is a tool that consolidates the various social media networks the Alumni Association currently uses. Most importantly, through Hult Connect, the school offers a comprehensive directory of all Hult, ADL/SOM and Huron graduates. You cannot find a complete directory of Hult alumni in any social media network.

Does this mean that we will stop using the LinkedIn group?

No, we will keep growing and leveraging the Official Hult International Business School Alumni & Friends group in LinkedIn as the professional social network to redirect our alumni. We will stay current with the relevant social networks, and we will migrate to new ones, should they become more popular. If you are not already a member of the LinkedIn group, join now by clicking here.

Since the app can be downloaded by anyone, is my profile and contact information out in the open for everyone to see?

No, we are very serious in protecting our alumni profiles and contact data. Although the app can be downloaded by anyone, only the public features are unlocked: events, news, social and video.

The alumni profiles under "Directory" and "Local" require authentication.

Only alumni that have successfully graduated from Hult International Business School, ADL/SOM or Huron have access to these sections. Some members of Hult staff can also access them, but these remain limited to the school’s Leadership Team, Career Services, and Career Development.

How can I get my profile unlisted from the app?

Your profile is listed in the app if you chose to make your profile searchable by other alumni when updating your information with the Alumni Association.

We encourage you to share your profile with other alumni to foster business, commercial, and professional development among the Hult graduate community. If you would rather not be listed, follow this link to unsubscribe. However, you may also choose to show a partial profile; for example, hide your home phone number but keep your mobile, or show your work email address but not share your personal one. Send your request to and we will customize your privacy settings for you.

I tried to authenticate my device, but I have not received the email yet.

Sometimes the authentication email goes to your junk mail folder; make sure you have checked this folder. If you still don’t receive the authentication email, write to and we will assist you.

How accurate is the profile information on the app?

Academic information, such as degree and graduation year, is pulled out from the school’s registrar records and should be completely accurate.

The contact and work information is self-provided by each alumnus to the Association and then uploaded into the app. As our alumni body is truly international and quite dynamic, some of the information might be outdated. If you notice an inaccurate record, click on "Suggest and update" to help us keep the database current.

If your information is outdated, you can either provide an update through the app or fill out the online form.

I suggested an update or updated my own profile. Why does the app keep showing the old data?

The current updating process runs through a monthly manual cycle. It could take up to 30 days for the app to reflect an update. We are working on automating the process to approach nearly real-time updates. Please be patient while we keep improving the app.

The events information is hard to read. Are you planning to fix this section?

We decided to adopt Eventbrite to promote alumni meetings, reunions and events. Unfortunately, the RSS content automatically generated by the external provider is not very user-friendly. We are working on providing a better formatting and integration of Eventbrite with the app. We will notify you of the new release as soon as it is ready.

We will continue to invite you to events via email and your chapter leaders.

I would like to organize an event for alumni. Can I advertise it through the app?

Absolutely! Please send the location details, time, and event description to and we will push it through the app.

We encourage you to get in touch with the chapter leaders in your city/country to organize events. This will avoid overlap with other local activities. The chapter leaders can also help you send out invitations and spread the word as they have full listings of the alumni in any given area. To find out the leaders of your chapter, follow this link. Please note that you need to be a member of the LinkedIn group to access the list.

Some alumni have highlighted the need for a dedicated alumni website. Will the launch of Hult Connect stop such development?

No, we recognize we need to have a dedicated alumni website and we are currently working on this. However, based on the large volume of requests for access to a consolidated alumni database, we have made this our foremost priority.

We will now focus on the website development which will go live before the end of 2011.

I lost access to my email account. How can I recover the password to use the app?

Write an email to to request a password reset indicating your full name and graduation year. Our IT department will give you the instructions to access your lifetime Hult email address.