Alumni Led Scholarships

The Hult experience lasts beyond your one year on campus. After you graduate, the Hult Alumni Association provides you with continual support through a series of initiatives designed to boost your career.

Shifaruh Scholarship

Hult currently provides two (2) alumni led scholarships - the Patricia Escudero Scholarship and the Shifaruh Scholarship. These were founded and sponsored by Hult Alumni. Below are further details and application criteria for the Shifaruh Scholarship.

Divyan Gupta, a 2009 Hult International Business School MBA graduate, created this scholarship in 2011. This year, Professor Steve Hurley, also a Boston graduate from ADL/SOM 1980, will join Divyan's efforts and together they offer a total of USD 8,000 to acknowledge Indian applicants with exceptional leadership qualities and a keen interest in pursuing a career in the field of marketing.

The Shifaruh Scholarship was inaugurated in order for Indian nationals to foster access to higher education in Divyan's native India.

Divyan's grant, matched in contribution by Professor Hurley, signifies high commitment to his alma mater and will be awarded each academic year in memory of his loving grandparents. The word "Shifaruh" means banyan tree, which signifies knowledge and eternal life. Divyan said:

"I expect the Shifaruh Scholarship to be recognized among brilliant Indian applicants as a stepping stone to acquiring not only a competitive business outlook, but also a benevolent outlook with a genuine wish to give back to India."

Click here for information on the recipient of the Shifaruh Scholarship 2011/2012, Roopsi Narula.

Basic requirements:

Only Indian nationals applying for an MBA or a Master program at Hult International Business School are eligible for this scholarship

Essay Evaluation:

An essay of maximum 450 words will need to be submitted electronically on the following topic:

How can you help the development of a low income community in India by participating in Hult's Global Campus Rotation program and enrolling in the Solutions Marketing elective course?

  1. Your essay must be submitted in Word format. Please note that PDF, Power Point and any format other than Word will not be accepted
  2. User Arial font, size 10, and must fit on one (1) page
  3. Don't include extra pages for your contact details. Just write one line at the beginning of your essay with the following: Your full name, date of birth, email address and phone number


The top 3 candidates will be interviewed by at least one member of the Shifaruh Scholarship Committee. Interviews will be conducted in person, where possible or via conference call.


Applications for 2013/2014 are now open and you can apply for the scholarship online