Hult Alumni Entrepreneurs

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Alumni Entrepreneurs

  • Satya Tripathi, 2009 MBA

    Horizon Outsource Solutions, India

    Horizon Outsource Solutions Pvt Ltd (India) provides customer life-cycle management services including client acquisition, retention, growth, complaint management, and revenue enhancement to clients in the e-commerce, telecom, travel, and BFSI segments.

    “My primary motivation to start this venture was to fulfill a gap existing in organized domestic BPOs in the Indian market. I realized that most of the top-end BPOs cater to the needs of foreign clients and were not interested in Indian clients (because of lower profit margin, no advance payment, and higher payment cycle). Due to this domestic clients had no option but to take services from very small boutique BPOs. These small players are mostly un-regulated and do not care much about their employees or the work assigned to them. Their principal concern is to make profit at any cost. As a result there are several cases where small BPOs wounded up their business overnight and left the employees jobless. The majority of these employees come from lower income families where there contribution is sometimes 90% of the total family income. With an aim of establishing a system in this un-organized market I formed Horizon Outsource Solutions Private Limited. Horizon has currently 2000 employees on its payroll at 6 different locations across India. We provide service in more than 12 Indian languages including English to our 25 esteemed clients from various business segments.

    Services we provide:

    Business Process Outsourcing
    Call Center—Voice & Non Voice
    Customer Service
    Customer Acquisition
    Customer Care


    Competition from small boutique BPOs
    Genuineness of the client can’t be predicted. Hence before taking any assignment thorough research about the client is a must
    Scarcity of skilled resource.

    We are very proud that this year at the Asian BPO Summit we were recognized as the ‘BPO Organization of the Year’ along with the likes of TATA Consultancy Services.

    Future Plans
    Now that we have already mastered the Indian domestic market, our next target is to tap business from foreign companies who are looking to set up business in India. With our expertise across Indian market and our presence in all prominent cities we are well placed for such kind of assignments.”

  • Hesham Alharti , 2013 EMBA

    Raddah Holdings, Saudi Arabia

    Raddah Holdings (Saudi Arabia) is a closed joint-stock company working on a variety of activities across the GCC. It previously focused on industrial development mainly on warehouses and workshops but is shifting the scope of its work into the real estate, mining, general contracting, ready-mix concrete, trading, healthcare, and food & beverage sectors.

    Raddah Holdings is a closed joint stock which was established in 1980. It is involved in a variety of activities across GCC. In the 1990s, its vision focused on industrial development and in particular on warehouses and workshops. As an LLC the company succeeded in crafting its image in the Saudi local market as the specialist in developing industrial premises. Thanks to the leap in residential and commercial growth the company has been able to shift the scope of its work taking advantage of the increase in demand. Raddah Holdings is running multiple subsidiaries investing in the real estate, mining, general contracting, ready-mix concrete, trading, healthcare, and food & beverage sectors. These subsidiaries are operating independently monitored and controlled by Raddah Holdings professionals. The group invests in dynamic small- to medium-sized businesses, working in partnership to create companies that deliver excellent returns to all shareholders. The group has key alliances locally and internationally that have a considerable impact in enhancing its deal flow as well as extending its regional and global accessibility. Growing businesses must face challenges to achieve their leading position. At Raddah Holdings we use advanced methodology preparing our professionals to easily face challenges and come up with practical solutions. Recently, the decision of being transferred to closed joint stock entity was a crucial curve which convinced shareholders to move toward corporate governance. The concept was totally new for a family business and it required major efforts to persuade members. Today, all family members are harvesting the positive results of that valuable decision in many aspects. We hope that this initiative will be taken on by all family businesses, which could lead to greater sustainability for following generations.

    Future plans: Beside the annual business plan, Raddah Holdings worked on creating a mid-term investment strategy aimed at identifying the most attractiveness sectors, in order to develop its investment path. The group seeks to provide one of the best workplace ambiances to attract leaders who can bring their experiences and contribute to making the group vision a reality and doable. Raddah Holdings believe in intellectual capital and invest heavily to develop the group elements they consider as the real asset to continuous growth.”

  • Angelina Azinheira, 1998 BS Business

    Angelina Azinheira Translations, Portugal

    Angelina Azinheira Translations offers providing quality translation services in three main languages - English, Portuguese and Bulgarian . Its main areas of expertise are: economics, law, finance, banking, and management.

    “I started in 2004 as a freelance translator after moving permanently to Portugal to start a family with my husband who I met in London while taking my degree in Business Administration. I am originally from Varna, Bulgaria and greatly enjoyed my time in now Hult´s London campus. However, going from an international environment such as London to a new, well-rooted culture such as the Portuguese one was quite challenging, so I was determined to turn my knowledge of languages and different cultures into an advantage which has proved to be the most important ingredient for a successful translator.

    I have been a member of the Portuguese Translators Association since 2004 and have expanded to provide translation and interpreting services in Bulgarian, English, and Portuguese to translation agencies; private clients including lawyers, writers, journalists, and students; and companies operating in the fields of finance, accounting, marketing, and construction. I have established partnerships with translators of other languages and proofreaders so that my company can meet the needs of all clients. I am extremely proud to have been the interpreter for the Bulgarian delegation from the Bulgarian Ministry of Finance in Portugal; to have participated as an interpreter in two twinning projects in Portugal; to have contributed to the success of companies through the translation of their management reports, annual accounts, financial statements, lawsuits, webpages, employment contracts, tender documentations, product brochures, and safety manuals.

    The biggest challenges I currently face are automatic translation tools such as Google Translate which are improving in terms of quality and accuracy at a fast pace thus threatening to make our job extinct. My future plans include continuing to grow in terms of size, winning more clients, and becoming a reference on the market for high quality translation services.”

  • Luis Sumabat, 1982 MBA

    Cybersoft Content Services, Philippines

    Cybersoft Content Services, Inc. (The Philippines) has been in the offshore outsourcing business for over 20 years. From simple offshore data entry for clients in the United States, Cybersoft has evolved to completing complex, client-centric tasks and processes.

    “Cybersoft started out with five personal computers as a data entry company. We worked on U.S. telephone directories. Our goal was to be the outsource company of choice for all telephone directories in North America. It simply involved finding data encoders that would read from source documents literally torn-out pages of old telephone books and look for updates or corrections such as changes in address, phone number, etc. The idea was to transfer work from a higher cost processing environment to a low cost environment, capitalizing on the vast talent of English-speaking Filipino data encoders. As the world gets smaller and borders are broken down by innovative communication technologies and a more English educated workforce, the challenge is to find more value-add in the food chain of services. One has to offer more intellectual inputs or what is referred to knowledge base. It will be nice to see our company to have a strong foreign partner to ensure a bigger global footprint. Right now we are an all Filipino Manila-based company with selected offshore presence”

  • Andrei Aquino, 2004 MBA

    Vertaccount, Philippines

    Vertaccount, Inc. (The Philippines) provides outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services.

    “In a nutshell, my decision to invest in this venture is because of the service business model. Outsourcing is a global trend because companies want to focus on their core competencies, which makes this model scalable and ‘sticky’ (as a service to companies) at the same time. We're growing at the right pace by just opening our second office this year and our third office in the very near future (watch this space!)”