Hult Alumni Entrepreneurs

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Alumni Entrepreneurs

  • Dennis Vichikov, 2010 MBA

    Hang Ten Games, Ukraine

    Hang Ten Games (Ukraine) creates casual adventure games for PC and mobile.

    “We create casual adventure games for PC and mobile. I came up with the idea to start my own game dev studio after having a terrible day at work in a private equity company where I felt like a slave. The words of one of my professors came into my head: "Can't find your dream job? Create it." And I did. I followed my heart and started this hard and exciting venture. The plans are big! We are about to publish our first game and have a few more in the pipeline.”

    “I started this company almost immediately after graduation. I had to have a few jobs to support myself and my family as a financial analyst in California and when the time was right I fully immersed myself into work at the studio. I was able to secure an investment from an angel investor out of London that I med during my time at Hult. So, my company is a direct result of my MBA time at Hult London.”

  • Josep Maria Niubo Marti, 2007 MBA

    Lotus Bonita, Myanmar

    Lotus Bonita (Myanamar) is a travel company with a Spanish flavor based in Myanmar and providing extraordinary travel experiences.

    “It is true that setting up a company is not easy, and that there's no real guide to doing it right, however, despite all the hardships, it is definitely worth it. The feeling of being your own boss, while it often implies being stricter with yourself than another boss would be, is a really nice one. It's not about money, it´s about freedom, because freedom is priceless!

    Your initial business plan may be useful as a guide, but often in reality, flexibility and the redefining of ideas is required. It's all about learning by doing, there´s no real guide to be successful, being humble and accepting that we may have to modify our initial business idea along the way may be advisable.

    Take uncertainty as a chance to challenge yourself and define your future. As the Chinese say ‘Nothing is easy, but everything is possible.’ So don't be afraid, trust yourself, never give up, and make it happen!”

  • Marianna Rescia, 2011 MBA

    Nais , United Arab Emirates

    Nais (U.A.E) is an Italian restaurant concept in Dubai with a focus on local and family recipes.

    “My advice for Hult grads looking to set up their own business is have a lot of passion, love the challenge, keep it simple, and work hard. Your business will become your whole life so make sure you have family, friends, and loved ones very close for daily comfort and distraction.”