Meet Our Faculty

    Warwick John Fahy

    Professor of Management and Leadership

    Bachelor of Science

    Warwick John Fahy is regarded as a thought leader on executive communication in
    China. He is a specialist in the art and practice of executive public speaking, and is
    sought by multinational clients around the world as a valued mentor and dynamic trainer
    with a proven track record for bringing executives to a higher level of presentation and
    communication skills. He helps executives understand how to be more concise, engaging
    and influential in their business communications.

    Warwick was an executive committee member for The British Chamber of Commerce
    Shanghai 2008-2011. For services to the public speaking industry, Warwick is the first
    person from China to be invited into the International Hall of Fame in August 2007 for
    pioneering leadership as chairman for Toastmasters in China.
    Public Speaking Pioneer / Professional Speaker
    Warwick has twice delivered talks at TEDx events organized by HULT. As a professional
    international speaker, his clear and humorous approach has been rated highly by
    participants in China, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, India and UAE working
    primarily with world leading multinationals. Warwick is a Certified Professional
    Facilitator (CPF) qualified to design and deliver organizational change processes.

    19 years business and training experience. Co-founded marketing communications
    agency as Marketing Director leading successful campaigns with large MNCs, including
    Coca Cola, HSBC, Unilever, IBM, Philips. Since moving to Asia from London in 1994,
    Warwick has demonstrated deep cultural intelligence, while collaborating with teams
    across China, Asia, India and the Middle East. As an insightful coach, Warwick's unique
    ability is to precisely assess development gaps and to provide a step-by-step, practical
    and supportive program that boosts skills in a systematic way.
    (Part Time)