Meet our Faculty

All our global faculty members have impeccable academic backgrounds combined with extensive business experience.

Professors in the Spotlight

  • Michael Grandinetti

    Professor of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Management, and Marketing

    Professor Grandinetti is Global Discipline Lead for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Hult and also teaches courses on Management and Marketing. He has been named Professor of th...

    Professor Grandinetti is Global Discipline Lead for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Hult and also teaches courses on Management and Marketing. He has been named Professor of the Week by the Financial Times, has been named Professor of the Year 2012-13 and is the recipient of four Global Teaching Excellence Awards during his three years at Hult. He serves as lead Faculty Advisor to the Hult VC and Social Business Clubs and chairs the Hult SF Operations Committee. He was also named the Hult SF Professor most engaged with students outside of the classroom and won a Faculty Peer Recognition Award for his exemplary efforts. He has a special interest in disruptive business model innovation, design thinking, raising early stage capital, digital marketing, advanced technology commercialization, corporate venturing, and social entrepreneurship. Professor Grandinetti shared his passion for entrepreneurship with the Hult community in his webinar on "How to succeed as an entrepreneur" and why it has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur.

    He taught Entrepreneurship at MIT for over ten years and has been teaching Corporate Venturing at Denmark Technical University for seven years. He served as judge for ten years to the MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition and is active in mentor capital programs such as TechStars and IBM SmartCamp. He also mentored the winning team in this year’s Hult Prize SF Regional Competition. Professor Grandinetti keynotes many innovation and venture capital events and is active on the TEDx circuit.

    Professor Grandinetti worked at McKinsey & Company and currently serves as Senior Adviser to businesses, universities, and governments on a broad range of strategic, innovation, marketing and commercialization issues. He is a mentor and board member to many US tech start-ups and social ventures.

    He was named the annual Jess Morrow Johns Memorial Scholar at Yale and was the first ever recipient of the Procter & Gamble Marketing Leadership award. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering, magna cum laude, from Rutgers where he was named to the National Engineering Honor Society. He serves on the school’s board and was awarded the Engineering Medal of Excellence for career achievement as well as Alumni of the Year.

    He has served on the Corporate Executive Board of WGBH Public TV and Radio, the flagship operation within the US Public Broadcasting System, for over a decade and has co-chaired the business development and nominating committees. 
    (Full Time)

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  • Rob Anthony

    Professor of Global Management

    Professor Anthony has pursued a dual career as a general management consultant and an educator. As a consultant, he has a broad practice in assisting global corporate clients...

    Professor Anthony has pursued a dual career as a general management consultant and an educator. As a consultant, he has a broad practice in assisting global corporate clients in the areas of change management, strategy innovation, and leadership development. His experience includes working with groups and teams across levels, functions, industries, and geographies to develop competitive visions, solve problems, implement strategies, and build capabilities. Rob holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and an AB, magna cum laude, from Occidental College in Los Angeles. He is currently a PhD candidate at Bentley College and lives in Lexington, Massachusetts.
    (Full Time)

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  • Viktoria Dalko

    Professor of Finance

    As Professor of Finance at Hult, Dr. Viktoria Dalko is a well-respected teacher and has a wealth of real business experience and expertise to support her teaching. Teaching since ...

    As Professor of Finance at Hult, Dr. Viktoria Dalko is a well-respected teacher and has a wealth of real business experience and expertise to support her teaching. Teaching since completing her Ph.D. at the University of Pennsylvania, Professor Dalko also served on the faculties of Harvard and Baruch College (CUNY). Additionally, she was a visiting scholar at the University of Munich and a visiting professor at Thunderbird, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Corvinus University Budapest, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and the University of Illinois.

    Dr. Dalko is a former international management consultant and researcher, with experience covering diverse areas in finance, M&A, valuation, and financial markets. She has experience working as an advisor to the President of the National Bank of Hungary and was Chief of Staff for the Budget, Tax, and Finance Committee of the Hungarian Parliament. Professor Dalko’s valuable insider knowledge provides students with an integrated and practical financial education.

    Professor Dalko says there is no corporate finance without financial markets, and no financial market expertise without understanding corporate finance. Having worked around the world in China, the EU, Southeast Asia, the US, the Middle East, and Africa, she is well positioned to appreciate the unique issues faced by our international students and alumni. Her latest book, Regulating Competition in Stock Markets, was co-edited and co-authored with Nobel Laureate Professor Lawrence Klein and other world-class researchers.

    Professor Dalko has received a slew of teaching awards and accolades during her career, including:

    *A perfect score from EMBA program students at Baruch College, CUNY in New York, for the M&A course, and a perfect score from Master students at Harvard Extension School, also for an M&A course.

    *The Joanne Fussa Distinguished Teaching Award at Harvard University in 2009. Management students at Harvard Extension School selected one from over 70 Harvard faculty and noted Viktoria’s ability to “inspire students to excel” and “encourage them to give more than what is expected.
    (Full Time)

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The Team

  • A
  • James Abdey Professor of Quantitative Methods
  • Hamza AbdurezakProfessor of Finance
  • Hisham AlsaghbiniProfessor of Business Maths
  • Nick AmdurGlobal Dean of Faculty; Professor of Global Operations
  • Margaret AndrewsAssociate Provost, Graduate Programs
  • Rob AnthonyProfessor of Global Management
  • B
  • Les BallProfessor of Information Technology for Business Managers
  • Carlos BaradelloProfessor of Social Innovation & Global Entrepreneurship
  • Thea BellosProfessor of Strategic Marketing and International Management
  • Mike BerryProfessor of Digital Marketing
  • Ashley BootsProfessor of Qualitative Analysis
  • Martin BrookProfessor of Finance
  • Christian BussProfessor of International Marketing
  • C
  • Bill CarlieProfessor of Finance
  • Bill CarneyProfessor of International Marketing
  • Adam CarstensProfessor of Change Management
  • Frederic ChartierProfessor of Finance
  • Gonzalo ChavezProfessor of Finance
  • Kamesh ChivukulaProfessor of Global Management
  • Alan CodyProfessor of Finance
  • Karen CoppockProfessor of Social Innovations
  • Bill CostelloProfessor of Operations Management
  • Patrick CourtinProfessor of Negotiations
  • Linda CyrProfessor of Management Skills
  • D
  • Viktoria DalkoProfessor of Finance
  • Jim DavisProfessor of Quantitative Analysis
  • Roger DelvesProfessor of Leadership and Teambuilding
  • Daniel DeneffeProfessor of Strategy and Managerial Economics
  • Bala DharanProfessor of Mathmatics
  • Mona DhillonAssociate Dean, Hult San Francisco Campus
  • Martin DoettlingProfessor of Digital Marketing
  • Nawtej DosanjhDean Graduate Programs, Hult London Campus
  • Ian DougalGlobal Dean; Undergraduate
  • Laurie DwyerProfessor of Marketing
  • E
  • Giana EckhardtProfessor of International Marketing
  • John EdmundsProfessor of Finance
  • Mike EdwardsProfessor of Global Crisis
  • Jose Carlos Erustes CalvoProfessor of Accounting and Finance
  • Luis EscamillaProfessor of Quantitative Analysis; Discipline Lead Quants and Analytics
  • James EteenHult Impact Challenge Coach
  • F
  • Warwick John FahyProfessor of Management and Leadership
  • Bob FawProfessor of Management Skills
  • Ali FenwickProfessor of Industrial-Organizational Psychology
  • Andrew FieldAssociate Dean, Shanghai
  • David FloodProfessor of Global Management and Sustainability
  • G
  • Philippa GamseProfessor of Digital Marketing and Social Media
  • Sebastian Garcia DatugueProfessor of Global Context of Business
  • Georgio GeorgiadesProfessor of Management
  • Anuradha GhemawatProfessor of Management
  • Elisabetta GhisiniProfessor of Management Communications
  • Edward GonzalvesProfessor of International Marketing
  • Michael GrandinettiProfessor of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Management, and Marketing
  • David GreenProfessor of Global Economics
  • Andros GregoriouProfessor of Finance
  • Olaf GrothProfessor for Global Management, Strategy, Innovation & Economics
  • Ronan GruenbaumAssociate Dean Graduate Programs, Hult London Campus
  • Aleksander GrzeszczakProfessor of Finance
  • Patrick GuerraProfessor of Entrepreneurship
  • Cari E. GuittardProfessor of International Negotiations and Women's Leadership
  • H
  • William HancockProfessor of Accounting, Finance, and Business
  • Chris HarounProfessor of Managerial Skills
  • Ben HartProfessor of Marketing
  • Mehrdad Hejazi Professor of Global Management
  • Omar HernandezProfessor of Operations Management and Corporate Responsibility
  • Alan HertzAssociate Professor
  • Andrew HupertProfessor of International Negotiations
  • Stephen HurleyProfessor of Marketing
  • J
  • Vinod JainProfessor of Global Economics and Strategy
  • David JamesProfessor of Marketing
  • Yasar JarrarProfessor of Business and Global Society
  • Ron JonashProfessor of Consulting
  • K
  • Larry KamerProfessor of Corporate Communications
  • Dror KenettProfessor of Quantitative Methods
  • John KerrickProfessor of Management Skills
  • Farzad Rafi KhanProfessor of Consulting Methodology
  • Rehan KhanProfessor of Management
  • Chris Kinsville HeyneProfessor of Leadership
  • Kosmas KosmopoulosAssistant Professor
  • Christopher KummerProfessor of Finance
  • Chase KustererProfessor of Business Math
  • Agnieszka KuzniarskiAssociate Dean, Hult Dubai Campus; Professor of Management Communication
  • L
  • Ted LaddProfessor of Entrepreneurship
  • Jun LaiProfessor of Revenue Management
  • Claudia LassetterProfessor of Marketing
  • Joanne LawrenceProfessor of Global Citizenship and Corporate Social Responsibilty
  • Deborah LeipzigerProfessor of Business and Global Society
  • Sheen LevineProfessor of Leadership and Management
  • Joel LitmanProfessor of Global Strategic Valuation
  • Damiao LoProfessor of Information Technology
  • Peter LouProfessor of Finance
  • Lawrence LouieDean, Hult San Francisco Campus; Professor of Accounting and Finance
  • M
  • Wesley MarpleProfessor of Finance
  • Mac McClellandProfessor of Consulting Methods
  • Donelda McKechnieProfessor of Marketing
  • Mary McLainProfessor of Management Skills
  • Herb MeibergerProfessor of Finance
  • Sabine MenonProfessor of Management Skills
  • Keith MerronProfessor of Consulting
  • Karen MilesAssistant Dean, Hult London Campus
  • Karim MimouniProfessor of Finance
  • Atul MinochaProfessor of Marketing
  • Shahruz MohtadiProfessor of Macro & Micro Economics
  • Matthias MokrosProfessor of Leadership
  • Amit MukherjeeManaging Director of Hult Labs; Professor of Management
  • John MulcahyProfessor of Finance
  • N
  • Agnes NairnProfessor of Marketing
  • John NewmanProfessor of Entrepreneurship
  • Leonhard NimaProfessor of Social Entrepreneurship
  • Amanda Nimon-PetersDean, Hult Dubai Campus
  • Mary Jane NortonProfessor of Team Building and Leadership, Presentation Skills
  • O
  • Shawn O' DonnellAssociate Dean Hult Boston Campus; Professor of Management
  • Sara OlsenProfessor of Social Impact Assessment
  • P
  • Theocharis PapadopoulosProfessor of Economics
  • Jim ParkProfessor of Project Management
  • Hitendra PatelProfessor of Innovation
  • Marty PattonProfessor of IT for Business Managers
  • Tim PayneAssistant Dean, Hult San Francisco Campus
  • Karen PhillipsAssistant Dean, Boston Campus
  • Alan PilkingtonProfessor of Operations
  • Tom PorterGlobal Associate Dean; Professor of Accounting
  • Jim ProstProfessor of Marketing
  • Marco ProtanoProfessor of Marketing & Strategy
  • R
  • Tazeeb RajwaniProfessor of Strategic Management
  • Lewis RamboProfessor of Human Resources Management
  • Mufeed RawashdehProfessor of International Accounting and Corporate Finance
  • Stephen RosenbaumProfessor of Global Economics
  • A.C. RossProfessor of Entrepreneurship and Marketing Analytics
  • Bill RyanProfessor of Accounting
  • S
  • Susan Scheller ArshtProfessor of Global Management
  • Jeff SchiebeProfessor of Marketing
  • Audrey SchroederProfessor of Management and Leadership
  • Brian SchwarzProfessor of Strategic Brand Management
  • Daniel SevallProfessor of Finance and Accounting
  • Charlie SheppardProfessor of Leadership and Management
  • James SlusserProfessor of IT for Business Managers
  • Rakesh SondhiProfessor of Global Strategy
  • Stephan SorgerProfessor of New Product Development
  • Selma SteenhuisenProfessor of Social Entrepreneurship and Leadership
  • Merwyn StrateProfessor of Operations Management
  • Paul SullivanProfessor of Strategy
  • T
  • Donatella TaurasiProfessor of Finance
  • Henrik TottermanDean of Hult Boston Campus
  • Christopher TunnardProfessor of Management and Organization
  • U
  • Don Uy-BarretaProfessor of Managerial Economics
  • v
  • Maarten van der KampProfessor of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Nina van GesselAssociate Dean, Undergraduate Program London
  • V
  • Wahyd VannoniProfessor of Marketing
  • Daniel VidalAssistant Professor
  • v
  • Bettina von StammProfessor of Leadership
  • W
  • Michael WagemansProfessor of Global Management
  • Gloria WalkerProfessor; Hult Undergraduate Program
  • Elizabeth WardProfessor of Team Skills
  • Dan WeingrodProfessor of Digital Marketing
  • Tommy WeirProfessor of Leadership
  • Mo WillanAssociate Undergraduate Dean; Professor of Marketing and Global Management
  • Melissa WillbyDean, Undergraduate Programs - Hult London Campus
  • Sharon WilliamsonAssociate Dean, Hult London
  • Andrew WrightAssistant Professor
  • Y
  • Mario YanezProfessor of Project Management
  • Samar YanniProfessor of Design and Mulitimedia
  • Julie Yao CooperProfessor of Marketing
  • Z
  • Jehiel ZifProfessor of Marketing
  • Yael ZifProfessor of Leadership
  • Juan David ZulianiProfessor of Project Management

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