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Hult’s global faculty members have outstanding academic credentials combined with real-world experience.

Student Testimony

"Daniel Deneffe was one of my favourite teachers because he taught us very complex material but was able to put in the context of the consulting profession in which he is involved. He took something very complex and made it practical and exciting while demonstrating its links to different industries."

Heather Kanabe
Class of 2011

Professors in the Spotlight

  • Joanne Lawrence Hult Faculty

    Joanne Lawrence

    Professor of Global Business and Society

    Joanne Lawrence is a Global Professor of Global Business and Society at Hult International Business School (Boston-San Francisco-London-Dubai-Shanghai) and is an academic advisor ...

    Joanne Lawrence is a Global Professor of Global Business and Society at Hult International Business School (Boston-San Francisco-London-Dubai-Shanghai) and is an academic advisor to the UN Global Compact.

    Prior to Hult, she was a guest lecturer and adjunct professor at INSEAD and an affiliate of INSEAD’s Business in Society Centre, where she was involved in Project RESPONSE, an extensive study of global corporate social responsibility (CSR). A strong believer in the power of business to bring about lasting, positive change, she focuses on developing leaders who can ethically and effectively leverage resources to achieve both social and economic objectives. 

    With extensive international corporate and consulting experience, she has worked with multinational companies and global organizations such as BP, IBM and the World Bank as well as smaller, socially-focused enterprises and start-ups, such as Tom’s of Maine and Economic Development Imports. As vice president of corporate communications and investor relations, she received numerous awards in both the U.S. and U.K. for her work in strategically-aligning and engaging stakeholders. While vice president at UK-based healthcare company SmithKline Beecham (today GSK), she headed a ground-breaking global organizational change initiative that became the subject of a book and an award-winning INSEAD case study.  

    Ms. Lawrence is co-author of From Promise to Performance: The Journey of Transformation at SmithKline Beecham (Harvard Business School Press, 1997). SmithKline Beecham was one of ten best cases in The Search for Strategic Credibility: Concepts and Cases in Global Strategy Communications and also the subject of an award-winning INSEAD case study: “The Making of the Simply Better Healthcare Company.” A recent essay, The Disappearing Water Cooler” has been included in The Future of Innovation (Gower Publishing, 2009).  

    Her latest work is  Globally Responsible Leadership: Managing According to the UN Global Compact Principles,  co-edited with Paul Beamish of the Richard Ivey School of Business (Sage Publishing, 2012).
    (Full Time)

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The Team

  • A
  • James Abdey Professor of Quantitative Methods
  • Hamza AbdurezakProfessor of Finance
  • Hisham AlsaghbiniProfessor of Business Maths
  • Nick AmdurGlobal Dean of Faculty; Professor of Global Operations
  • Rob AnthonyProfessor of Global Management
  • B
  • Les BallProfessor of Information Technology for Business Managers
  • Thea BellosProfessor of Strategic Marketing and International Management
  • Mike BerryProfessor of Digital Marketing
  • Ashley BootsProfessor of Qualitative Analysis
  • C
  • Bill CarlieProfessor of Finance
  • Adam CarstensProfessor of Change Management
  • Frederic ChartierProfessor of Finance
  • Gonzalo ChavezProfessor of Finance
  • Alan CodyProfessor of Finance
  • Julie Yao CooperProfessor of Marketing
  • Karen CoppockProfessor of Social Innovations
  • Patrick CourtinProfessor of Negotiations
  • D
  • Viktoria DalkoProfessor of Finance
  • Roger DelvesProfessor of Leadership and Teambuilding
  • Daniel DeneffeProfessor of Strategy and Managerial Economics
  • Mona DhillonAssociate Dean, Hult San Francisco Campus
  • Nawtej DosanjhDean Graduate Programs, Hult London Campus
  • Ian DougalGlobal Dean; Undergraduate
  • John DurrProfessor of Marketing
  • E
  • John EdmundsProfessor of Finance
  • Mike EdwardsProfessor of Global Crisis
  • Luis EscamillaProfessor of Quantitative Analysis
  • F
  • Warwick John FahyProfessor of Management and Leadership
  • David FloodProfessor of Global Management and Sustainability
  • G
  • Philippa GamseProfessor of Digital Marketing and Social Media
  • Georgio GeorgiadesProfessor of Management
  • Elisabetta GhisiniProfessor of Management Communications
  • Michael GrandinettiProfessor of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Management and Marketing
  • David GreenProfessor of Global Economics
  • Andros GregoriouProfessor of Finance
  • Virginai GreimanProfessor of Project Management
  • Olaf GrothProfessor for Global Strategy, Economics, Management & Innovation
  • Ronan GruenbaumAssociate Dean Graduate Programs, Hult London Campus
  • Aleksander GrzeszczakProfessor of Finance
  • Patrick GuerraProfessor of Entrepreneurship
  • Cari E. GuittardProfessor of International Negotiations and Women's Leadership
  • H
  • William HancockProfessor of Accounting, Finance, and Business
  • Ben HartProfessor of Marketing
  • Mehrdad Hejazi Associate Dean, Shanghai Hult Campus; Professor of Management Communication
  • Alan HertzAssociate Professor
  • Stephen HurleyProfessor of Marketing
  • J
  • David JamesProfessor of Marketing
  • Ron JonashProfessor of Consulting
  • K
  • John KerrickProfessor of Business Execution
  • Farzad Rafi KhanProfessor of Consulting Methodology
  • Tony KilbournProfessor of Marketing
  • Chris Kinsville HeyneProfessor of Leadership
  • Kosmas KosmopoulosAssistant Professor
  • Christopher KummerProfessor of Finance
  • Agnieszka KuzniarskiAssociate Dean, Hult Dubai Campus; Professor of Management Communication
  • L
  • Joanne LawrenceProfessor of Global Business and Society
  • Sheen LevineProfessor of Leadership and Management
  • Joel LitmanProfessor of Global Stategic Valuation
  • Damiao LoProfessor of Information Technology
  • Lawrence LouieDean, Hult San Francisco Campus; Professor of Accounting and Finance
  • M
  • Wesley MarpleProfessor of Finance
  • Francesco Masetti-PlacciDean, Shanghai Campus
  • Donelda McKechnieProfessor of Marketing
  • Herb MeibergerProfessor of Finance
  • Keith MerronProfessor of Consulting
  • Karen MilesAssistant Dean, Hult London Campus
  • Atul MinochaProfessor of Marketing
  • Shahruz MohtadiProfessor of Macro & Micro Economics
  • Amit MukherjeeManaging Director of Hult Labs; Professor of Management
  • John MulcahyProfessor of Finance
  • N
  • Agnes NairnProfessor of Marketing
  • John NewmanProfessor of Entrepreneurship
  • Amanda Nimon-PetersDean, Hult Dubai Campus
  • Mary Jane NortonProfessor of Team Building and Leadership, Presentation Skills
  • O
  • Shawn O' DonnellAssociate Dean Hult Boston Campus; Professor of Management
  • Sara OlsenProfessor of Social Impact Assessment
  • P
  • Theocharis PapadopoulosProfessor of Economics
  • Hitendra PatelProfessor of Innovation
  • Marty PattonProfessor of IT for Business Managers
  • Tim PayneAssistant Dean, Hult San Francisco Campus
  • Karen PhillipsAssistant Dean, Boston Campus
  • James PopeProfessor of Global Operations
  • Tom PorterGlobal Associate Dean; Professor of Accounting
  • Jim ProstProfessor of Marketing
  • Marco ProtanoProfessor of Marketing & Strategy
  • R
  • Lewis RamboProfessor of Human Resources Management
  • A.C. RossProfessor of Entrepreneurship and Marketing Analytics
  • Bill RyanProfessor of Accounting
  • S
  • Jeff SchiebeProfessor of Marketing
  • Daniel SevallProfessor of Finance and Accounting
  • Charlie SheppardProfessor of Leadership and Management
  • James SlusserProfessor of IT for Business Managers
  • Mark SpokesAssociate Professor of American Studies and Social Change
  • Merwyn StrateProfessor of Operations Management
  • Paul SullivanProfessor of Strategy
  • T
  • Kenny TangProfessor of Corporate Responsibility
  • Henrik TottermanDean of Hult Boston Campus
  • Christopher TunnardProfessor of Management and Organization
  • U
  • Don Uy-BarretaProfessor of Managerial Economics
  • v
  • Maarten van der KampProfessor of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Nina van GesselAssistant Professor
  • V
  • Wahyd VannoniProfessor of Marketing
  • Daniel VidalAssistant Professor
  • W
  • Michael WagemansProfessor of Global Management
  • Gloria WalkerProfessor; Hult Undergraduate Program
  • Elizabeth WardProfessor of Team Skills
  • Dan WeingrodProfessor of Digital Marketing
  • Mo WillanProfessor of Marketing and Global Management
  • Melissa WillbyDean, Undergraduate Programs - Hult London Campus
  • Sharon WilliamsonAssociate Dean, Hult London
  • Andrew WrightAssistant Professor
  • Y
  • Mario YanezProfessor of Information Technology
  • Samar YanniProfessor of Design and Mulitimedia
  • Z
  • Jehiel ZifProfessor of Marketing
  • Yael ZifProfessor of Leadership