Global Webinar: How to Succeed as an Entrepreneur

Join our global webinar on February 27th and hear Hult Professor, Mike Grandinetti, outline how entrepreneurship has changed in the 21st century and highlight keys to succeed in the entrepreneurial world.
Mike Grandinetti Hult Faculty

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How to Succeed as an Entrepreneur

It has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur. There is a global entrepreneurial revival underway, spanning both G20 countries and emerging economies and across every imaginable industry.

New business models, approaches, means of financing, and customer-centric technologies are all key factors in enabling this 21st century revolution. For the first time in history, recent MBA graduates are choosing careers in entrepreneurship over long-standing traditional top choices. Start-ups are hiring more MBAs than ever before.

In our February 27th webinar Hult Professor Mike Grandinetti will explore what this new entrepreneurial revolution means:

  • How do entrepreneurs take advantage of the extraordinary opportunities in front of them and optimize their chances to succeed in the new economy?
  • How do they scale their businesses globally?
  • What caused this extraordinary shift in priority in career choice for graduates and employers?

Professor Grandinetti is an award-winning faculty member, having received four Global Teaching Excellence awards from Hult and being named Professor of the Week by the Financial Times in 2013. He is a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience with global start-ups and venture capitalist firms. Read his extended bio below.

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Mike Grandinetti
Professor of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Management, and Marketing
MBA, Yale School of Management

Professor Grandinetti is Global Discipline Lead for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Hult and also teaches courses on management and marketing. He was named Professor of the Week by the Financial Times in 2013 and also received four Global Teaching Excellence Awards from Hult. Professor Grandinetti has also taught entrepreneurship at MIT and served as a judge for MIT’s USD100K Entrepreneurship Competition for ten years. He previously worked at McKinsey & Company and now serves as Senior Advisor to businesses, universities, and governments on a range of strategic, innovation, marketing, and commercialization issues.

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February 27, 2014. 9:00 AM  -  10:00 AM
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