Global Webinar: Sustainability to
Fuel Company Growth

Join our global webinar on February 6th and hear Hult Professor, Thomas Hall, outline how and why companies are using sustainability to fuel company growth.
Hult Faculty Thomas Hall

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Using sustainability to fuel company growth

Successful business leaders know that long term profit and growth is achieved through smart, well crafted, and effectively communicated business strategy.  The building blocks of strategy — innovation, quality, customer service and efficiency — still form the foundation, but is there a fifth block?  Has sustainability gained enough stature to take a place among the traditional building blocks of strategy?

Join our webinar on February 6th with Hult Professor Thomas Hall, and explore:

  • Why companies, such as Unilever, put sustainability front and center in their business strategy and operating models.
  • How such companies define sustainability, how they live it, measure it, adjust it, and whether it really meets their shareholder's objectives.
  • What sustainability will look like in the future. As new trends emerge, will sustainability continue to be a building block of long-term strategy or will it become the foundation?

Tom Hall is a member of the Hult International Business School faculty, teaching Global Strategy and Marketing. He has over 23 years of executive experience in the consumer goods industry with both large firms and startups.

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February 06, 2014. 12:30 PM  -  1:30 PM

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